“If you’ve attended the Chattanooga Film Festival (CFF), it’s likely you’ve noticed we’re a genre film friendly place,” says lead programmer and executive director Chris Dortch II. “We firmly believe that some of the smartest and most important works of cinema are horror films and though we will always make room for curated genre and horror cinema in our CFF line-up, it’s never enough. That’s why, in celebration of horror and Halloween and everything we hold dear, we host the Frightening Ass Film Fest every October.”

The 9th installment of the Frightening Ass Film Fest is set for October 26th at Stone Cup Cafe’s Dark Roast space for a full day of horror cinema. Be both terrified and delighted with brand spanking new and beloved films, as well as shocking short films, blood curdling costume contests, and top secret tricks that are sure to make you shriek with delight.
Karaoke Night / director Francisco Lacerda
Allergic Overreaction / director Zachary Eglinton
The Boogeywoman / director Erica Scoggins
One Last Meal / director Jill Gevargizian
The Party / director Mackenzie Bartlett
Malacostraca / director Charles Pieper
The Legend of Budfoot / director Tim Reis and James Sizemore
Rear View / director Austin Faust
The Haunting of Pottersfield / director Andre Disxon
LVRS / director Emily Bennett
The Haunted Swordsman / director Kevin McTurk
Directed by Michael Beach Nichols

Remember in 2014 those videos of a freaky clown that popped up in random places in Florida and went viral by scaring the absolute shit out of a bunch of folks? Documentarian Michael Beach Nichols sure does and he takes us directly inside the weird world of Wrinkles the man behind them who is available for hire to scare children, friends and loved ones via a Craig’s List ad. Nichols also wisely uses his film to explore exactly what it is that makes clowns so damn scary and in the process crafts one of the year’s most fascinating and frightening documentary experiences.
Directed by Tony D’Aquino

FAFF is pumped to work with our pals at Shudder to bring you a special screening of Tony D’Aquino’s absolute asskicker of a horror movie. This lightening paced shredder plays out like one of the most interesting riffs we’ve seen on The Most Dangerous Game in ages with kidnapped female victims being forced to face off against grotesque masked killers in the Australian Outback. In the wrong hands that setup could have wandered into misogny The Furies and it’s ferocious lead performance by Airlie Dodds give The Furies and it’s “beauty’s” some genuine depth even as they face off agains the film’s numerous “beasts”. Don’t miss this one!
Directed by Jeremy Gardner & Christian Stella

CFF fan favorites Jeremy Gardner and Christian Stella (The Battery, Tex Montana Will Survive) tell a tale of love and monsters in Central Florida. Add in amazing performances by Brea Grant, Gardner himself and Last Podcast on the Left’s Henry Zebrowski and you’ve got one of 2019’s most heartfelt horrors and we’re proud to share it with our FAFF 9 audience! 
Directed by Joe Begos
Producer and editor Josh Ethier in attendance!

Filmmaker Joe Bego’s latest VFW comes hot on the heels of the amazing BLISS (a shot on 16mm nightmare you can watch on VOD RIGHT NOW) and cements 2019 as THE YEAR OF BEGOS. If you caught Joe and his longtime collaborator’s Josh Ethier’s workshop at CFF a couple years ago or you were in the audience for our screenings of his film’s Almost Human or The Mind’s Eye you already know. But if you don’t we invite you watch Mr. Begos in action and be reminded that as a fan of genre cinema there are few bigger joys than watching movie made by someone who truly loves and understands what makes genre great. VFW is no exception a blood drenched blast of a motion picture with one of the year’s greatest cast (to name just a few Stephen Lang, Fred Williamson, William Sadler, David Patrick Kelly) a story of vets versus drug addled punk mutants VFW is tailor made to have FAFF audiences cheering in their chairs.
Directed by Stewart Raffill

We know you love Mac and Me and Ice Pirates as much as we do it obviously doesn’t even need ot be discussed. So if we told you that the man who gifted the world with those cinematic delights also made a GORY AF romcom with Paul Walker and Denise Richards in which after getting mauled by wild animals and having his love with Ms. Richards cut short Paul Walker’s brain is transplanted in a violent but oh so lovable T-rex’s body (by a Mad Scientist literally played by Bernie from Weekend at Bernie’s). Originally released in 1994 and stripped of nearly all its incredible gore and SFX (gore created by legend John Carl Buechler no less!) Tammy And the T-Rex turns 25 this year and to celebrate that milestone the film has now been lovingly restored by the Gods Among Men at Vinegar Syndrome. Believe us you need this.
Passes are available for $45, which give you access all day and all night to all films and events. Individual tickets for films ($12) and events will be made available in limited quantities beginning on Monday October 21st. Take advantage of the pass for the best deal, and support the Chattanooga Film Festival, a volunteer run non-profit dedicated to bringing art-house and classic cinema to the Tennessee Valley.
For more information, visit chattfilmfest.org and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
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