“Ready for a story about superheroes? Ugh. More TV superheroes, just what the world needs. Be honest, have you hung yourself yet? Or, what if I told you this was actually a story about super-zeroes? Ready to feel better about your own miserable lives for the next hour or so? Follow me.”

DC Comics’ The Doom Patrol first appeared on newsstands in June 1963. Also known as the “World’s Strangest Superheroes,” the misfit group comprised an engaging team all born from and empowered through a combination of experiments, loss, pain, accidents, and tragedy.

When DOOM PATROL Season One arrived, I was filled with doubt and slight trepidation. In the new realm of binge-worthy streaming content, the time commitment to stick with a show these days is harder and harder, and content becomes disposable.

Brenda Fraser, April Bowlby, and Riley Shanahan in DOOM PATROL | Photo courtesy of IMDB

So, I was relieved to see that the live-action version of the “World’s Strangest Superheroes” is a wonderfully whimsical blend of humor, mystery, strange, bizarre, and most of all, fun.

The series combines absurdity and action with a wonderfully bizarre but captivating storyline. Each episode delves into the past of the team while introducing more bizarre places and things along the way.

Introduced initially on DC’s other streaming Super Team – Titans, DOOM PATROL has quickly emerged as a personal favorite, crafting relevant versions of characters such as Cyborg, Negative Man, the politically-incorrect but awesome Crazy Jane, Elasti-Woman, the villainous Mr. Nobody, and Robotman.

Brendan Fraser, Matt Bomer, April Bowlby, Matthew Zuk, Diane Guerrero, and Riley Shanahan in DOOM PATROL | Image courtesy of IMDB

Once again, DC delivers on the small screen. With a cast of strong talent with formidable genre cred, every role is rich with discovery and layers of humanity. Featuring Timothy Dalton (One of the Best Bonds), Brendan Fraser, Diane Guerrero, Matt Bomer, April Bowlby, and Alan Tudyk, the cast all bring their four-color characters to life with a richness and freshness that is refreshing.

Taking more from films like The Dirty Dozen and Kelly’s Heroes than Justice League, DOOM PATROL is a dysfunctional band that works together because of their fractured psyche. For these Super Misfits, their powers are not always a blessing, and they find themselves battling against both villains and society.

They are committed to the weirdness which allow us to take the leap into the realm of the ridiculous. Each character has excellent moments, and the chemistry between the team is what was sorely lacking from some of DC’s big-screen counterparts. They don’t always get along and play well with others, and they’re not always the most heroic, but the members of the Doom Patrol have discovered a family in each other; A Family that allows them to overcome their personal tragedies and unwanted powers in a way that one day may save the World.

Matt Bomer, April Bowlby, and Matthew Zuk in DOOM PATROL | Image courtesy of IMDB

The writing is smart and full of surprises, and the look and design are charmingly nostalgic and melancholy.

Doom Patrol: The Complete First Season will surprise and engage even the most discerning DC and Super Hero fan. The Blu-ray is presented in 1080p High Definition with a 2.20:1 aspect ratio. The Combo pack includes the Blu-ray disc, deleted scenes digital download, and a gag reel.

PS – Watch out for the farting donkey.

J. Michael Roddy
TV Reviews

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