At the TCL Chinese theater in Hollywood, I had the opportunity to attend the premiere of CANDY CORN, directed by Josh Hasty and starring P.J. Soles (Halloween), Courtney Gains (Children of The Corn), Pancho Moler (3 From Hell), Sky Elobar (The Greasy Strangler), Caleb Thomas (The Terror of Hallows Eve), Matt O’Neill (Edgar Allen Poe’s Lighthouse Keeper), Madison Russ (Star Trek: Renegades), Caleb Thomas (The Terror of Hallows Eve), Tony Todd (Candyman), and introducing Nate Chaney.

The cast and crew were there and it was a pleasure to speak with the lovely P.J. Soles who plays Marcy Taylor in the film.

I also had the opportunity to speak with Pancho Moler, who plays the cunning Dr. Death which was a real treat.

I was also able to speak with the passionate director of the film, Josh Hasty:

The cast seemed to really love the movie and have a touching trust in Josh Hasty and his vision for the film and his talent as a writer and director. This is one of those premieres where it is clear that this is a solid film, sight unseen. The actors and crew were proud of their work and the film that we were about to see. 

Here are some photos of the cast from the premiere. 

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Don’t miss CANDY CORN now available on VOD and Blu-ray. It’s a Halloween treat that is much more lasting than the sugary candy that it is named after. You’ll be happy that you did. It is a celebration of all things horror, especially John Carpenter, and our beloved holiday, Halloween. 

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