Written and directed by Frank Sabatella, THE SHED has all the elements of the classic horror films we know and love: a misunderstood underdog of a protagonist, an unstable sidekick, a love interest, and insatiable monsters. 

Our main guy, Stan (played by Jay Jay Warren), is a seventeen-year-old living in a small rural town in an unspecified state. Before the film’s action even starts, Stan has had a rough go of it. His parents are dead, he lives with his abusive and alcoholic grandfather in the poor part of town, and he’s spent some time in juvie, which makes him a target of local law enforcement, who inform him that once he turns eighteen, they will throw him in adult jail the moment he screws up. Besides the only friend that he has, Stan is a loner trying to cope with his trauma without any guidance. 

Oh, and to top it all off, he discovers a vicious, bloodthirsty creature living in his shed. As the creature begins to infect the people closest to him, Stan must enlist the help of his long-time crush, Roxy (played by Sofia Happonen), to fight them off and survive the night. 

While the film isn’t perfect, THE SHED is successful as a horror film because of its originality, pacing, tension, and fun-slash-grotesque death scenes. The creature design for the vampires (although they are never identified as such) was also well done. 

Now for the not-so-great parts of the film. Some sequences, particularly those involving the town sheriff, are so unrealistic that it drew me out of the movie. Sheriff Dorney (played by Siobhan Fallon Hogan) either has no knowledge of proper police procedure or simply has a complete disregard of them. Furthermore, Roxy’s character is underdeveloped, especially given the role she later has in the film’s climax. 

But despite the pitfalls, THE SHED is an enjoyable film, especially for fans of the vampire subgenre. If the production team had a larger budget, it would have been even better, but they worked with what they had, and produced a film that is memorable, endearing, and, at certain points, horrifying. 

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