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It has been announced that Freddy Chávez’s horror short Duérmete Niño will have an online premiere of the full length short on October 25, 2019, and will be part of the festival circles. Watch the teaser below and let us know what you think.

Set in the 1940s, Duérmete Niño tells the story of Alma, played by Piercey Dalton (The Open House, Bull), a religious mother of newborn twins who is constantly awakened by the disturbing sound of her crying babies.

Using a radio monitor to check on them from her bedroom, Alma encounters a series of unsettling events that build towards a terrifying finale in which she discovers the horrifying truth about her twins.

Chávez first established his mark on the horror genre with his 2012 release, Shhh, a fantasy/horror short tale about a young boy, Guillermo, who uses his imagination to overcome his bully: a hair-eating monster. This project, praised by Guillermo del Toro for having strong visuals, was part of the “Staff Picks” on Vimeo and achieved cult status with over 143K views on the platform. Duérmete Niño is a stylishly shot, tense production that builds to a terrifying conclusion.

This project explores the director’s personal experience of sleep deprivation linked to parenthood. “I started to experience strange dreams about my daughter that later became recurring nightmares. There was one night in particular when I remember feeling a bit unsettled. A shrieking sound on the baby monitor we had next to our bed woke me up. As I came into her room, I noticed she was peacefully sleeping in her crib”, Chávez explains.

Four years after the initial idea, all the pieces required to create this short film started to come together. Co-written with Victor Osuna (Las Reglas de la Ruina) and produced by Victoria Burkhart (Chappie, Elysium), the film was granted the Harold Greenberg Fund – a funding organization that supports film development in Canada.

The story is centered around Alma’s character and there’s no dialogue, Freddy chose Piercey Dalton for the role – he had always wanted to work with her and Duérmete Niño was a great opportunity, “Piercey did a great job driving the film forward and giving key moments of suspense to her performance”, Freddy adds.

The film features both makeup and visual effects, which makes the aesthetics of Duérmete Niño feel more authentic and old school. Four different facilities collaborated on the visual effects for the film. Ollin VFX (Godzilla: King of Monsters, Mindhunter) in Mexico City worked on the creature FX enhancements for the animatronic created by Amazing Ape Productions (Oats Studios’ Zygote and Firebase); Pixel Perfect in Monterrey, Mexico, took care of all the invisible effects, and Barnstorm VFX (“Man in the High Castle”) and Kalos Studios (Child’s Play) in Vancouver created the title shot for the film. VFX, sound (Uriel Villalobos) and color (Andrea Chlebak) build an atmosphere that delivers the key horror moments in a film like this.

Duérmete Niño – Official Teaser [HD] from MONSTRUO PELUDO FILMS on Vimeo.

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