Grand marble pillars, ancient golden relics, and fantastical aquatic life shimmering under turquoise rippled water. Many have dreamed of visiting the lost city of Atlantis and uncovering the mysterious beauty of a forgotten underwater civilization. This September, Escape Room LA is offering attendees a chance to experience the lost city with the debut of their newest escape room, ATLANTIS. By fixing a professor’s invention, a gateway is opened allowing participants to obtain Poseidon’s trident. However, if you are unable to return before the clock strikes 60 minutes, you may find yourself trapped in Atlantis for all eternity.

It took director, John Hennessy, and his team a year to develop ATLANTIS and it shows. The room is incredibly beautiful and well-constructed with intricate custom 3-D printed details throughout. Drawing on inspiration from Ancient Greek and Minoan influences, the room utilize concentric circles and mosaic tile imagery throughout its many rooms.  With five rooms, a hidden closet sized area, and a crawl space, this spacious escape game is able to accommodate a maximum of eight participants at a time. Beginning in the Professor’s lab, teams are challenged with finding clues to fix the Professor’s invention and unlock the gateway to Atlantis. The puzzles in this room are intended to be easier to build momentum for the main space. Once in Atlantis, participants are able to become immersed in an underwater Utopia with soft drips from a fountain and projected blue waves illuminating the space. Access to multiple spaces allows participants to work on a variety of puzzles simultaneously.

Like many escape rooms, all of the puzzles in this space, require teamwork and communication which draws on different strengths of participants. The puzzles are generally intuitive and primarily utilize words, pictures, and sounds. There is also a fair amount of hands-on puzzles that require placing items in specific orientations throughout the experience. Overall, the puzzles are fun and not overly challenging allowing participants of all skill levels the ability to contribute. However, although there are many puzzles in the space, many of them draw on visual and spatial aptitude to complete which can create repetition in the type of skill required to complete the puzzle. That being said, my group, filled primarily with individuals who have completed multiple escape rooms, only escaped Atlantis with four minutes to spare without using hints. If at any time your team does get stuck, the professor’s secretary, who is documenting your journey, can help give you hints.

Escape room junkies, design enthusiasts, and open minded adventures can make an evening special with a trip to Escape Room LA’s ATLANTIS. On weekdays and weekends, you can book journey to ATLANTIS at

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