In downtown Los Angeles, on a quite street illuminated by lamplight, there is an apartment hidden above an abandoned warehouse. Fire’s apartment. But she’s not here. She’s been missing for weeks. You were friends but you can’t seem to remember her. And you don’t remember the ritual.  But she is depending on you to perform it to bring her back and discover what happened to her.
This September, Shine On Collective is debuting their brand new immersive experience, THE RITUAL. This hour long highly interactive event allows you to perform sacred rituals and learn the secrets of a mysterious coven. Groups of 6 enter at a time, however, attendees are split off into small groups with one on one opportunities ensuring everyone gets a different experience. Attendees may be asked to stand, sit, kneel, eat, drink, be touched by actors, wear items of clothing, and become blindfolded during the experience. You play an active role in performing the coven’s ritual.
THE RITUAL is a unique experience you cannot get anywhere else in Los Angeles. Entering a dimly let warehouse loft and later finding yourself surrounded by women in white chanting in a circle creates a compelling and eerie tone that invites vulnerability in the participant. Attendees are in a constant state of discovery throughout the piece and are tasked with learning the complex mythos of the coven. A major highlight is the fantastical world surrounding the witches of the coven and  beautiful, heartfelt monologues developed for their actors from the creative mind of playwright Anna Mavromati.  However, due to the complexity of the mythology and high level of stimulation, it can at times be difficult to fully grasp the mythos. Another highlight is the autonomy the audience has in participating in the narrative. Attendees are asked to embody one of the seven manifestations of The Wanderer and have freedom in how they express their character in the ritual. This is one of the most powerful aspects of the piece as attendees are invited to provide their unique contribution to the ritual.
Attendees should expect to feel vulnerable and be prepared to actively participate in the experience. The performance touches on feelings of grief, scorn, anger, sadness, loneliness, connection, glee, and isolation. An all female cast highlights different experiences of women and the similarities that bring them together in the coven. Due to the high level of interaction and autonomy of the participant, there are times that may feel awkward or uncomfortable.  There is a higher emphasis on your experience with the actors than on set design. Additionally, since participants are separated into small groups and then reunited, there can be some challenges with transitions between scenes that can feel awkward to attendees. It is also not recommended that participants wear glasses for the performance as it can interfere with your ability to see certain aspects of the experience.
What better way to celebrate the upcoming Halloween season than participating an occult ritual? THE RITUAL is a unique, highly stimulating, and complex experience that not only will take time to digest after the experience but will also be difficult to explain to others upon recollection. On Saturdays and Sundays during the weeks of September 20-29th, attendees can purchase tickets to THE RITUAL at
Image courtesy of Shine On Collective
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