At exactly 8pm, I opened the gate and followed a red string to a small elevated, wooden deck. 

“Hey!” Keight says. “Come on up.” 

I join her on the deck and immediately feel like I’ve fallen down a rabbit hole. Keight’s deck features a small loveseat, burning incense, and some assorted bohemian knick-knacks. It’s quiet and comfortable and weirdly familiar, the way a friend’s house is. To add to it, Keight starts talking to me as if we’ve been friends for years.

BEDRUMPLAii (2) has officially begun.

She tells me that I didn’t come home last night. But my Stori—a manifestation of myself—was around. I play along and tell her that sometimes I feel like I’m split between this world and some alternate dimension. We talk—well, mostly Keight talks—and she draws on my arms and legs with a magic marker. 

She then leads me inside the house, which would be completely dark if not for the dozens of tealights scattered around. She leads me upstairs to her bedroom, hands me a towel, a small bowl of sea salt, and a bar of soap, and tells me that “my shower is ready.” She leaves me alone to wash the marker off. 

After the shower, I’m greeted by Elisabeth; we hang out in the bedroom while she reads a poem she wrote for me. After, I head back downstairs for a last moment with Keight. 

My experience with BEDRUMPLAii (2) will not be like yours. That’s the point of this immersive experience. Each session with Keight and Elisabeth is tailored to the individual guest. It’s intimate and special and unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. The only thing that may be consistent across all performances is the mythology surrounding BEDRUMPLAii (2). Keight and Elisabeth created their own world within the set (the actual home of one of them) where the line between fantasy and reality is thread-thin and blurred. Nothing in the realm of BEDRUMPLAii (2) is really explained. You’re playing a character too; one that is already familiar with Keight and Elisabeth and the concept of a “Stori.” It’s unnerving and disorienting…but if you’re into that, you’ll definitely be into BEDRUMPLAii (2).

The whole experience lasted an hour. I’m still thinking about it. Because of the improvised and individualized nature of the experience, BEDRUMPLAii (2) makes a lasting impression, even on those who consider themselves veterans of immersive theater. I can’t recommend BEDRUMPLAii (2) enough. For more information, or to purchase tickets, to BEDRUMPLAii (2) click here

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