FanExpo Canada Panel Recap: THE BOYS
THE BOYS panel taken by Lindsay Traves

If you’ve seen THE BOYS and if you’ve been to Toronto, there should be nothing shocking about seeing Karl Urban, Jack Quaid and Antony Starr in the city.  The three stars of the show came by FanExpo Canada to chat about their careers and what we can expect to see in Season 2.

The actors couldn’t reveal much about season 2 but let us know the horror wouldn’t be letting up so soon.  They propped up the VFX team and showrunner, Eric Kripke, who stuck to as many practical effects as possible, making it easier for the actors to interact with the scenes.  Shuddering, Jack Quaid tipped his hat to the props team for making those very real hands he held.  He swears Robin’s hands felt warm.

So what’s next for poor Jack Quaid’s character, Huey?  It doesn’t sound like it lets up just yet.  He described how if he directed an episode, Huey would stay clean for the first time, and the other two laughed about how much they’d traumatized him on set the day before with the shooting of a new scene.

Fans of the original comics will know the show has taken a few turns from the comics canon.  When asked about what they wished they brought forward, Karl let slip that he wished The Terror had shown up and winked that we might get a glimpse of the bulldog in the coming season.

Fans prodded as to why the male characters seemed more susceptible to corruption, which Karl blew off quite quickly driving home the announcement of Aya Cash joining the cast as Stormfront (a gender swap of the original character), who is slated to be the most evil of them all.

Though the cast had a bevy of laughs over the traumatizing of Jack Quaid, it sounds like Karl Urban plans to have the most laughs at Viggo Mortensen’s expense.  Karl recalled the prank war between them and how Viggo once pranked him and his assistant by making a call to her as Karl claiming he wouldn’t fly without his lucky socks (in a tantrum I expect was not unlike the lucky hat one from Goodfellas).  Frantically, Karl’s assistant called him in the middle of the night begging him to board the plane.  A fan of the slow burn, Karl waited until the two were on a press tour and casually mentioned to all of the press that he was looking forward to visiting Viggo’s goat farm where he was making goat cheese.  The poor unsuspecting LOTR cast member jumped headfirst into a press day getting peppered with questions about his new life’s passion, one he knew nothing about.

The characters of their show are not known for wielding their superpowers responsibly, so they were asked who they think would be up for the job.  One of my favorite answers was certainly “Keanu Reeves.”

The cast brought an exciting panel. My top moments involved Antony Starr shouting that “Superman sucks” and how much he wants to eat a baby’s face.  Karl thinks Dredd could take Homelander, but might be a bit worried about those lasers.

THE BOYS Season 1 is available on Amazon Prime and Season 2 is shooting now in Toronto.

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