Article: Surviving the Apocalypse in THE LAST KIDS ON EARTH
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I had started to lose faith in cartoons a bit. There are certain animation styles my heart flutters for and others that I feel like may give me a seizure and then throw sugar on me while I’m passed out. I would re-watch the classics but then I was introduced THE LAST KIDS ON EARTH. I was immediately pulled in and wanted nothing more than to follow this story wherever it decided to go. Nick Wolfhard voices our main character Jack and breathes life, heart, humor and a spirit of adventure into his animated core! 

THE LAST KIDS ON EARTH follows teenager Jack Sullivan as he tries to survive not only school, but the end of the world and all the monsters that come with the Apocalypse. Jack is one of the most endearing characters I’ve seen in awhile. He’s all of us, not just at a young age but at all stages in life. Jack has gone in and out of Foster homes, trying to find a sense of belonging. Foster homes are like a roulette wheel of what kind of family someone will be paired with. He’s searching for a family that he can truly be a part of and not simply pass by on the way to the next one. He’s kind, fun, has an amazing sense of adventure and an imagination that comes to be a part of his survival tool box. All the things that make him, and all of his friends, special and unique are all the things that make them formidable players in the Apocalypse Survival Game. 

One of the many great things I learned while watching this show is that it’s a true ensemble, and I found a lot of myself in each of the characters. Quint Baker, the lovable nerd who kills it, literally, with science, always has his friends back, thinking outside the box and still rushing forward into danger even though he may be scared. June Del Toro, Jack’s love interest, is fierce, determined, strong and smart. She is capable of anything she sets her mind to, and learns there’s power in working as a team. Dirk Savage, who I just love, is the bully with a heart of gold. He thinks he’s too cool for the apocalypse when he joins up with Quint and Jack; but once he is a part of the team, his loyalty is to his new found friends. 

The world that is created is a dream scenario for any kid. I mean who wouldn’t want to live in a killer tree house with their friends where they could play video games, live on snack food and occasionally fight some monsters and zombies?? THE LAST KIDS ON EARTH certainly has some amazingly fun fight scenes and Monster Deaths thanks to the animation of Atomic Cartoons. Each monster has a frighteningly fun capability that makes it tricky for our heroes to conquer and who doesn’t love a good zombie? Especially when it’s your old gym teacher who used to make you run laps! 

Equally important is the message that the show brings in its first Episode. Themes of belonging and where we fit in the world are important for all of us kids of any age to hear. Dirk was a bully in the pre-world of Monsters and in the post-world we see that once that pressure of having to live up to a certain stereotype is gone, his bullying antics subside. This goes to show that our heroes really have so much more in common then they would have ever realized. It’s a great lesson for all of us at any age, to understand that we are more than what we see. If we can allow ourselves to really meet people and get to know them past what we think they are, you might just find yourself with one kick butt group of end of the world survivors! 

Image Courtesy of Netflix

THE LAST KIDS ON EARTH also has one thing that every parent prays will happen when they sit down to watch a show with their kid – the ability to laugh and enjoy it with them! Shows can be so polarizing and many a parent has dreaded sitting down and seeing what pops up as the kiddos turn on NetFlix, but this show is one that any parent would be able to sit down and watch. Catching all the fun references, such as Shaun of the Dead and The Breakfast Club, It’s a show that transcends being labeled as a cartoon and really just ends up being a great show for anyone at any age. 

It’s a wonderful way to introduce a young audience to the horror genre in a way that is fun and still gives you that thrill of horror. It introduces all audiences to themes that are important set within the world of Monsters and Zombies. 

As mentioned, the show leads with Nick Wolfhard, who during an interview with, stated that he saw a lot of himself in the character. He empathized middle school being the worst, as well as being bullied and hating his time there, but eventually finding his voice and realizing how great High School was. 

He also mentioned that he would give himself a week to survive in an actual apocalypse. Nick was incredibly kind to take a few moments to speak with me about the show and wanted to make sure that people knew that the show was a lot of fun! Growing up with Teen Titans, he missed a lot of shows that had that really great mix of action and comedy, and people will not be disappointed when they watch THE LAST KIDS ON EARTH. I would have to agree with Nick, who is the heart of this show, and one of the many reasons folks will be running to watch and Level Up!

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