After last year’s memorable (for all the wrong reasons) drunken reading of the sci-fi classic, TREMORS – Scripts Gone Wild returns to Fantastic Fest to tackle the 1995 Paul Verhoven cult classic, SHOWGIRLS. Notorious for its NC-17 rating and for its use of Saved By the Bell actress, Elizabeth Berkley, the reading lines up nicely with the documentary, You Don’t Nomi, about fandom associated with the film, screening at the fest.

Treading the Scripts Gone Wild boards once again are alums: Gigi Saul Guerrero, director of Culture Shock from Hulu’s Blumhouse-produced Into the Dark series; and award-winning short film director, Izzy Lee. Joining for the first time are: Mattie Do, acclaimed director of the feature, The Long Walk, known as both the first Laotian horror director and the first female Laotian director; Virginia Newcomb, actress and star of the upcoming film, The Death of Dick Long, from the folks at A24; producer Heather Buckley; horror journalist and editor of Nightmarish Conjurings, Shannon McGrew; and more!

The only ‘non-female’ reader comes in the form of legendary drag queen Peaches Christ, appearing as Joshua Grannell for this reading. Grannell appears in the You Don’t Nomi documentary and is a lover of all things SHOWGIRLS. Additional readers will be added to the mix leading up to the read, and you never know who might join in on the fun!

Founded in 2016 at the Chattanooga Film Festival, Scripts Gone Wild is a monthly script reading series where a group of suspecting celebs, filmmakers, and influencers are taken – a movie script and alcohol put in their hands – and chaos ensues! It’s a drinking game – any time a reader flubs a line, misses their cue – THEY DRINK! It’s a riotous good time that benefits a righteous good cause, and Austin is just ‘weird’ enough to appreciate L.A. best kept secret!

SCRIPTS GONE WILD – SHOWGIRLS takes place Saturday September 21st at 9:00pm at The High Ball, located at the South Lamarr Alamo Drafthouse. Badges will gain you entry into this special Fantastic Fest event, and those are on sale at For more information about Scripts Gone Wild, and their upcoming Los Angeles read of The Lost Boys in October, visit

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