Who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned creature feature? In a similar vein, who doesn’t enjoy those corny monster documentaries that air on the History Channel? 

MOMO: THE MISSOURI MONSTER is the perfect movie for those who fall into either of the above categories. The film employs a documentary style for the main narrative— MOMO: THE MISSOURI MONSTER is an episode of a docuseries dedicated to cryptids (think Finding Bigfoot and Ancient Aliens—you know, the gems you used to watch when you were taking a sick day from school), called “Blackburn’s Cryptid Casefiles.”

The episode takes us to the town of Louisiana, Missouri, where a huge, hairy monster reportedly wreaked havoc in the 1970s. The monster sightings even served as inspiration for a movie, scenes of which are shown in between the interviews with the town’s residents who were around back then. 

MOMO: THE MISSOURI MONSTER was directed by Seth Breedlove, who co-wrote the picture with Mark Matzke and Jason Utes. Breedlove directed a number of cryptid-centric documentaries before making this film. You may know him from Boggy Creek Monster, The Bray Road Beast, The Mothman of Point Pleasant, among others. Both Matzke and Utes also worked on these documentaries with him. 

Their collective backgrounds in these types of documentaries make MOMO: THE MISSOURI MONSTER even more entertaining and special because we know that everyone involved in the making of this film was present because they wanted to be. It seems that MOMO was created out of a deep respect for the genre. 

While the film wasn’t scary, it sure as hell was entertaining. Everything about the film—from the acting, to the dialogue, and to the 1970’s-style dramatization of “actual events”—was a self-aware love letter to cryptid documentaries. Part b-movie and part mockumentary, MOMO: THE MISSOURI MONSTER manages to be a fun movie for adults as well as for kids. MOMO: THE MISSOURI MONSTER will be released on DVD and VOD September 20th. 

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