Movie Review: CANDY CORN
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It’s easy to write off low-budget indie slasher films. In a time where major studios are cranking out hi-res monster flicks and “psycho” flicks like there’s no tomorrow, a lot of fans lose their appreciation for B-horror. CANDY CORN reminds us that B-horror is still a vital part of the horror scene. 

Written and directed by Josh Hasty, CANDY CORN presents a classic and familiar tale. The film opens with the introduction of a group of friends who share the common interest of bullying instead of being productive members of society. The gang of young people discusses their annual Halloween tradition: attacking a mentally challenged peer, Jacob (played by Nate Chaney), for no other reason than it’s “easy and fun.”

Despite the objections of the girlfriend of one of the guys, the plan moves forward. They find Jacob at his new job; he’s found work and a family at a traveling carnival and seems to be doing well with his new tribe. Unfortunately, the gang is relentless and viciously attacks him. This year, the gang’s violent and disturbing tradition results in Jacob’s death.

But Jacob’s new family of carnies are about to avenge him in a way that shakes the entire town to its core. 

While CANDY CORN’s premise is a familiar one for small town Halloween-themed horror movies, the execution and executions are fresh, exciting, and, most importantly, entertaining. Through the magic of rage and resurrection, the gang members are picked off one by one by a horrifying, relentless, and ruthless monster that won’t stop until bloody revenge is exacted. 

In the grand tradition of B-horror (seriously, B-horror is looked over far too often, even by hardcore horror freaks), the performances in CANDY CORN are artistically and intentionally exaggerated and the characters more akin to caricatures. But that’s the charm of the subgenre – the self-awareness. The wink and nudge with the audience. It’s a community-charged contribution to the horror scene that isn’t constricted to the demands of high-budget studios. 

CANDY CORN might not receive the accolades that Trick ‘r Treat did, but at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter. It’s a fun movie that has innovative and deliciously disgusting kill scenes. You can watch it with your friends, watch it with your kids, or watch it by yourself. However you choose to view it, it’s sure to make your night more fun. 

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