Blu-ray/DVD Review: SUPERNATURAL Season 14

There are only a handful of franchises out there that allowed people to grow up with them: Star Wars, Doctor Who and Harry Potter are just a few examples. While I did have some of those during my childhood, there was one show that started in my adolescence and has stuck with me in my “old age”: SUPERNATURAL. I have watched the show since I was 18 years old and am only a few years younger than Sam’s character. Because of that, I could relate to the characters and walked through adulthood with them. Now, all of that is going to end in the next season, so I took a look at season 14 as it heads to physical media to look back at how the end begins. 

There have been seasons in SUPERNATURAL‘s past that were slower than others and many times that made some people walk away from the series, but we stuck with it and season 14 was one of the most intense seasons that I have ever seen. The end was sudden but made sense and left me with chills. HERE THERE BE SPOILERS so if you don’t want to know some of the things that happen in season 14 of Supernatural, do not read. I will try to keep them at a minimum but there will be some, so keep that in mind. 

Seasons 13 and 14 really focused on the journeys of Jack, Nick and Dean. With Lucifer leaving Nick as an empty shell, Nick has been focused on who killed his family and the lasting impression and psychological damage that comes with being Lucifer’s vessel for so many years. Nick has come to rely on Lucifer to survive like a drug and he is desperate to get him back. Jack has been struggling since the very beginning between his human and angel sides and when Lucifer stole his grace, it left his body destroying itself. When that issue is patched, it creates a whole new problem, one that will lead to death and betrayal of some of the most beloved members of the Winchester group. Dean fights a continuous battle with Michael that has a surprising end game but it is complicated and has a moment in the show where Dean is dealing with a fear and it hits you in the heart HARD. There is SO much I want to comment on but these moments are truly best seen to be felt. 

I will note the appearance of some characters from long ago: John Winchester and God. Given the fact that so many beloved characters from the past, like Charlie and Bobby, came back to be more permanent additions to the show, I was disappointed to see John Winchester only there for a one-off. While God, aka Chuck, started out as a cute and fun character, since he ran off with his sister to vacation across the universe, I haven’t been his biggest fan and the end of season 14 just solidified that feeling for me. 

Oh my Chuck, the ending was one of my favorite endings of any season that has ever been in SUPERNATURAL and that’s saying something. Because the season was several episodes shorter, the end snuck up on me and left me yelling at the TV when I saw there was no more to see. Our favorite brothers and their best angel friend forever (BAFF) are in a real big pickle at the end of season 14 which turned into a best of Supernatural: Monsters Edition in the last 2 minutes of the show. 

All season 14 did was make me excited for season 15 but I am dreading it because I know that this is it. There will be no more seasons, no surprise renewals. Season 15 is the end of the line, the true end and with the brothers on the most powerful force in the universe’s shit list, I can’t see how this is going to end well for them and I’m not sure I could even stand to watch that. I highly recommend season 14, but grab the tissues and be ready to cry as we see the end on the horizon. You can now watch SUPERNATURAL season 14 on DVD and Blu-ray so we can all cry together.

Jensen Ackles, Misha Collins, and Jared Padalecki in SUPERNATURAL | Image courtesy of IMDB
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