Short Film Review: FEVER
Courtesy of Dead Pixel LLC

This seven-minute short film is a haunting tale of the paranormal. From writer, director, and editor Brian K. Rosenthal, FEVER is the story of a mysterious force that is stalking two innocent victims. FEVER’s tongue-in-cheek tagline is, “Evil. Is. Contagious.” 

The film features Amy Hoerler (A Name Without a Place), Lani Lum (Famous and Afraid), and Chuck Baxter. The film is by Dead Pixel LLC. It features the talents of Frederic Blake Studwell as director of photography and an original score by Karl J. Anderson. 

A young girl, Emmy, is sick with a mysterious illness. Her mom, Jennifer, carries her to bed. Emmy’s fever is 103, and Jennifer is worried. Emmy suddenly tells her mom that she sees the “Shadow Man.” It’s a figure that haunts her that has long fingers. And, a terrified Emmy adds, you can only see the Shadow Man if you’re sick. 

Jennifer reassures her daughter that everything will be fine. She tucks Emmy into bed. But her daughter’s words stick with her. And suddenly, Jennifer isn’t feeling very well. 

This spooky short picked up a nomination at FilmQuest 2019 for the best sound in a short film. FEVER is featured in the “Quick Frights” block of short films that will be shown at the festival. Director Rosenthal has directed several shorts, such as Ash v. Lobo and the DC Dead and Scorpion vs. Jason. 

This short shows real horror potential for Rosenthal. It is professionally acted by Amy Hoerler and Lani Lum as mother and daughter. Although it’s a brief film, the Shadow Man is an eerie presence that is a force to be reckoned with. 

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