FilmQuest Fest Interview: Director/Producer/Writer Troy DeWinne for BOY’S CLUB
FilmQuest Fest Interview: Director/Producer/Writer Troy DeWinne for BOY'S CLUB
Courtesy of Troy DeWinne

Have you ever wondered about the sexual habits of people in a post-apocalyptic situation? I honestly didn’t either until I saw Troy DeWinne’s latest project BOY’S CLUB at this year’s FilmQuest Festival. The story of the film focuses on a deteriorating sex addict who still very much has a problem even after the world has pretty much ended. However, hope arises (as do other things) when he spots a sex doll outside of his underground apocalypse bunker. Needless to say, hilarity ensues.

I had the opportunity to interview director, producer, and writer Troy DeWinne at FilmQuest Festival 2019, where we discussed everything from the saga that was acquiring a sex doll to what animal inspired the noise of the frightening creature in BOY’S CLUB.

So, there’s definitely a lot to take in after watching BOY’S CLUB. Especially with that sex doll component. What was the inspiration behind creating this film?

Troy DeWinne: It was a simple question at first: “How can I make masturbation integral to the plot without losing the audience to a slapstick comedy headspace?”Once I figured out the post-apocalypse setting and found a real Cold War bunker I could use, the rest was (deleted from my browser) history.

So, with the Cold War bunker and the post-apocalyptic setting, I’m curious how they contributed to any difficulties getting the film off the ground? Or was there something completely different that made it difficult to get the film going?

Troy DeWinne: I bought a sex doll from a pretty shady site. A week later, it became apparent I needed two sex dolls for continuity purposes. Unfortunately, when I went back to the site, it was down for suspicious activity. I literally had to email a sex doll website that was under investigation (for, hope to god, not credit fraud) and request another sex doll. I don’t think they believed me when I said it was for a film.

There were also a couple of smaller difficulties. The Cold War bunker had black mold and there was no electricity at the barn for the makeup artist.

While you had a fair amount of difficulties, this seemed like a really fun film to shoot. What was your favorite moment or part of working on this film?

Troy DeWinne: We were filming at a barn for the second day of shooting. I arrived about 2 hours before everyone else (get pumped, clear my head, etc.) It was 5 am, so the entire place was pitch black. While surveying the pitch-black nightmare, I saw a red LED light inside one of the old sheds. The owner said there was no electricity at the location, but I was ecstatic to find out he was lying.

He wasn’t lying.

As soon as I got near the shed, I heard the most excruciatingly terrifying scream from the red light. I turned around and walked steadily away hoping some demon, panther, or coyote wouldn’t think I was easy prey. Which I most definitely was.

Turns out it was a barn owl (probably a one-eyed barn owl). When it came time to figure out what horrifying noise the monster in BOY’S CLUB was going to make, I knew exactly what I wanted to use! It’s one of those stories that feels too perfect and makes me so happy that it’s true.

Having a REAL Cold War bunker was pretty sweet too!

What do you want the audience to take away from this film?

Troy DeWinne: I’m hoping the audience feels slightly uncomfortable, but if they watch till the climax will be immensely satisfied.

[laughs] Pretty ironic using the word ‘climax’ there. Last but not least, are there any projects you are working on that we should be keeping our eyes out for?

Troy DeWinne: I’m currently in the finalizing stages for Gobble, an animated television series about two goblins trying to become the realm’s first goblin pop musicians. There are no sex dolls (so far), but still heavily a dark comedy with a lot of fantasy-like drugs. Look out for Gobble next year as we have a pitch bible, script, and proof of concept that will be going through the film festival circuit!

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