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Feed the Queen LLC and the producers of the forthcoming feature-length film I AM LISA announce the completion of principal photography.

Directed by award-winning filmmaker Patrick Rea (“Nailbiter,” “Arbor Demon,” “Belong to Us”) from a script written by award-winning Kansas City Star columnist Eric Winkler, I AM LISA is primed to bullseye the current female empowerment zeitgeist.

I AM LISA is the story of a young woman who is assaulted by a corrupt sheriff and her goons. Left in the woods to die, Lisa is instead bitten by a werewolf. She begins to exact revenge on her attackers. Can she retain her humanity as she cedes more and more of herself to the wolf?

I AM LISA is an homage to every revenge movie I’ve ever seen,” says Winkler. “It was also heavily influenced by any movie that features a strong female protagonist, like ‘Aliens,’ ‘Kill Bill,’ and ‘Day of the Dead.’ A lot of werewolf movies revolve around the protagonist’s struggle with the loss of their humanity,” continued Winkler. “I wanted to give our hero a justifiable reason to give in to that loss of control.”

Director Rea mentions that “I had been wanting to make a revenge film for some time, and thought that the script for I AM LISA offered a fresh take on the genre by adding the werewolf mythology.”

The film stars Tisch School of the Arts graduate and acting phenom Kristen Vaganos as Lisa.

“The character of Lisa was an attractive role for me because as a small female, I don’t often get to play physically empowered, strong and tough women,” said Vaganos. “I was definitely excited to get into the psyche of someone going through such a powerful, scary, and confusing transformation and then learning to utilize it for revenge.”

“Kristen knocked it out of the park,” said Winkler. “She added layers to the character I never even knew existed, and made her a strong, vibrant woman.”

James Dewees (My Chemical Romance, The Get Up Kids) is set to compose the musical score for I AM LISA.

The filmmakers wish to bring I AM LISA to audiences as quickly as possible. Editing has begun in earnest, with an intended release date in 2020.  The film co-stars Carmen Anello (Exposure), Manon Halliburton (“The Sopranos”) and Chris Bylsma (The Kid).

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