Following up on her award-winning debut short, director Kylie Eaton‘s latest short film, DISPEL, stars Eris Baker (“This Is Us”) and features Gina Torres (“Suits,” “Pearson”, “Firefly”). A science fantasy short film, DISPEL tells the story of a mother’s addiction through the imaginative eyes of her 12-year-old daughter.

DISPEL will be free-to-watch online from Thursday 29th August 2019, accessible to audiences worldwide following its run at US film festivals.

Audiences can tune into DISPEL’s online premiere here, via YouTube.

Kylie Eaton, Writer and Director of DISPEL, comments: “As a child I read a lot of books, watched a lot of movies, and completely immersed myself in fictional worlds. For me, fantasy is such an interesting way of exploring bigger issues, projecting real fears onto the make-believe. I wanted to bring these ideas into a single piece of work by creating DISPEL, which explores the strained relationship between a young girl and her alcoholic mother. Together with the cast and crew, we were able to create something that has a deep story, but also honours the fantasy and sci-fi themes that I love so much. ”

When young Lizzie learns her older brother is moving out, she realizes she will be left at home alone with her monster of a mother. Armed with the lessons of her favorite TV show, ‘Celeste Skygoode’, Lizzie battles to save her mother from the dark forces that have transformed her.

DISPEL has already won ‘Best Fantasy Film’ at Comicpalooza, and is screening at the upcoming FilmQuest Fest 2019.

Written and directed by Kylie Eaton, DISPEL is the brainchild of a genre filmmaker with a passion for fantasy, science fiction, and all things other-worldly. Throughout the narrative of DISPEL, Eaton addresses issues of alcoholism and mental health, using fantastical sequences within the film as an escape from the protagonist’s day-to-day life.

As a voice for creative diversity, Eaton takes into consideration the industry-wide issues surrounding representation of women and artists of color in film. DISPEL consists of a primarily female, ethnically diverse cast starring Eris Baker and featuring Gina Torres. Behind the scenes, DISPEL also features female-majority department heads.

Additional credits include Producer Julia Kennelly, Cinematographer Natalie Kingston, Costume Designer Bree Perry, and Composer Jesi Nelson. Visual effects by Hi From the Future.

Kylie Eaton, a director and writer based in Los Angeles, has delivered music videos for major labels such as Republic Records and Capitol Music Group. Her first short film, 43 Quintillion, won Best Short at the 2018 Sioux Empire Film Festival. She is a member of the Alliance of Women Directors.

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