The Philadelphia Unnamed Film Festival (PUFF) is proud to announce its 2019 lineup. The 4-day event will take place September 26-29 at the 2223 Theater located inside the Summerfield Church (2223 E. Dauphin St., Philadelphia) in the trendy Fishtown district.

PUFF is bringing over 30 independent films to Philadelphia, starting Thursday, September 26 with the punk rock slasher flick STRAIGHT EDGE KEGGER, and ANTRUM, the “deadliest film ever made.”

Directed by Jason Zink, STRAIGHT EDGE KEGGER follows a young punk rocker who faces off against his old gang of militant straight edgers. The film is reminiscent of the popular subculture film SUBURBIA with its gritty punk rock feel and hardcore soundtrack.

Produced in the 1970s by two brothers, the film ANTRUM disappeared shortly after completion, before eventually reemerging in the late 1980s. Mysterious circumstances soon followed the movie whenever it was screened. First in Budapest, where a theater burned to the ground, then a few years later in San Francisco when a riot erupted after a screening. The film was believe lost, until now.

ANTRUM spins the tale of two siblings who perform a cult ritual in the woods, seeking closure after the death of a family pet, but their innocent game may release hell on Earth. The cursed film will screen at PUFF on Thursday, September 26. Are you brave enough to watch?

On Friday night, the cosplayer Father Evil brings his act to the 2223 Theater to host a night of unusual films. Everyone’s favorite possessed priest will be presiding over PUTFF’s signature Bizarre Block, and the two feature films HAPPY FACE and ECHOES OF FEAR.

Like Tod Browning’s 1932 film FREAKS, the twisted coming-of-age tale HAPPY FACE includes real people with facial deformities playing fictionalized versions of themselves. Estranged from his cancer-stricken mother, 19-year-old Stan disguises himself with a facial deformity and joins a therapy workshop in a misguided attempt to reconnect with her. Will the patients accept Stan or will things go horribly wrong when he is discovered to be a fraud.

ECHOES OF FEAR is a haunting ghost film that has been praised for its genuine scares and gripping story. Alysa must confront the mysteries of her grandfather’s legacy after she inherits his house. The film will have you on the edge of your seat before making you jump off.


Director and author Greg Lamberson (SLIME CITY) will be in attendance for a Q&A following his film WIDOW’S POINT. The supernatural thriller follows an author, played by Craig Sheffer (NIGHTBREED), who spends a weekend locked in a haunted lighthouse as a publicity stunt.

Saturday night features two of PUFF’s spotlight films, including the North East premiere of the haunted house film, INVISIBLE MOTHER, and the slasher film THE FURIES.

THE FURIES is a gruesome female-driven horror film in the same vein as the 2001 direct-to-video SLASHERS and the recently pulled THE HUNT. A group of women are forced into a deadly game of survival as they are chased by their own individual stalker. THE FURIES is a briskly paced, atmospheric and gore-filled slasher film with plenty of masked villains.

As always, PUFF will showcase Philadelphia’s local talent on Sunday with our annual short movies block. The festival will conclude with the comedy LAKE MICHIGAN MONSTER — voted Best International Film at Fantasia 2019.

Other PUFF events include Pre-PUFF on Wednesday, Sept. 25. On Wednesday night, PUFF will celebrate the 20th anniversary of THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT with director Eduardo Sánchez. PUFF will also present the Legacy Award to Exhumed Films, who will screen LEMORA: A CHILD’S TALE OF THE SUPERNATURAL in 16mm. Director Richard Blackburn will also be in attendance to introduce the film.

The Philadelphia Unnamed Film Festival runs from September 26-29 at the 2223 Theater (2223 E. Dauphin Street). Badges are $60 and individual tickets are $10. Badges and tickets can be purchased through FilmFreeway. The full schedule can be found on all of PUFF’s social media:




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