I will be the first to admit that I poo-pooed ALL over season 9 of THE WALKING DEAD as it was airing. Granted I didn’t actually watch it because I’m too cool for cable and have to watch things on a delay, but I kept up with spoilers and just didn’t see how it could be a good season. There was a ton of change from the show I once knew and watched religiously. With the season 9 DVD and Blu-ray release, I was able to finally get vindication for my opinions and be right when I said this season sucked…it sucks being so wrong. 

I will tell you right now that there are SPOILERS ahead for season 9 of THE WALKING DEAD. If you don’t want to know what happens in season 9 (although it’s been months, so I’m sure you already do), then turn back now. By this point. THE WALKING DEAD really needs no introductions. Zombies have turned the world to hell but they are the least scary thing on the menu. The dwindling core group of people that we started with has come down to just a handful that gets even smaller. It is no secret that the main character of the entire series was “killed” a few episodes into the season. There were two-time jumps, new characters and a new, long-awaited enemy introduced. 

THE WALKING DEAD has seen its fair share of enemies: The Governor and Negan were baby town frolics compared to The Whisperers. Negan was smooth-talking, sassy, vicious and looked damned good in a scarf, but for the brutality and overall batshit crazy that is The Whisperers, they win the blue baddie ribbon. It’s one thing to run an organization where you take supplies as a toll for not being attacked and it’s a whole other thing wearing the skins of the undead and walking around whispering to each other. 

I will say that season 9 was the most beautiful visually that I have seen in a very long time. There is a scene where The Whisperers are first introduced in a cemetery and it’s dark and there is a thick laid fog that is both terrifying and stunning. This is also the first season where winter is introduced. Every season before is just the group in the summer and that’s it but here we get to actually see their seasonal struggles. It is a nice change. 

There is a whole lot of death in season 9 of THE WALKING DEAD and I mean a lot. I wasn’t prepared for all of the feelings I would feel while watching it. Did I cry like a new baby left on the ground for walkers to get…yes, yes I did. Am I ashamed of it? Also, yes. I will admit that I was very, very wrong. I thought the show would die with the departure of Rick and Maggie but maybe they were the anchors. The new characters are just as loveable (Jerry is still the best though, hey boo!), the new villains are very hateable, and the show is better than it has been in many seasons. The intensity of the show has returned and it will make you sit on the edge of your seat and bite your nails down to the quick. 

To all the haters of this season, I get where you’re coming from. I was one of you. But I have seen the light and it is wrapped in the dried and tanned hide of a walker. Oh, and Negan is better and cooler than ever before. There are a ton of extras available on the DVD and Blu-rays of season 9 of THE WALKING DEAD, so when you’re done realizing that we didn’t actually need Rick, after all, you have more to watch to tide you over until October. THE WALKING DEAD Season 9 is now available to own on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital. 

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