[Article] Day One Recap of FrightFest
1454 – Train from Fratton to London Waterloo. The sun is shining and bag is packed, almost definitely forgot something but too late now, I’m off!
1630 – Arrived at Waterloo.  Time to attempt to find my hostel and hope that it is at least half-decent.  I immediately leave out of the wrong exit but soon find my bearings.
1655 – Hostel found. Part pub part hostel and even at only twenty pounds a night, it’s pretty good. Although I’ll be sharing a room with eleven other people, there’s free wi-fi and free breakfast so I can’t really complain.
1720 – Google maps will help me find Leicester Square now. My walk goes alongside the London Eye past Big Ben, past Trafalgar Square until I eventually, thirty-five minutes later get to the venue.  I’m at Frightfest!
Elijah Wood in COME TO DADDY | Photo courtesy of IMDB
1830 – Things are running a few minutes late but the Super Screen at Cineworld looks huge and Come To Daddy (read our review here) is starting.  It’s a strange and twisted slow burn of a movie but when that second half kicks in it really kicks in!  Things get very very dark, it’s full of great performances including perhaps his best ever from Elijah Wood.  The violence gets brutal and there’ a whole bunch of great characters.  I’ll be surprised if this isn’t in my top five of the festival come Monday.
Director Ant Timpson also shared an interesting slightly sad story about how the movie came about in the Q&A after.
2100 – Time to Crawl (read our review here)! I’ve been waiting to see this one for a while. I’m a big fan of Alexander Aja’s movies and with Sam Raimi producing this had to be good. And it didn’t disappoint!  Shockingly brutal at times, it takes a little while to get going but it looks so ‘big’ and the natural disaster/home invasion/horror blend works very well.  Kaya Scodelario is excellent as Haley and the relationship between her and her father (Barry Pepper) makes interesting viewing.  I recommend to watch with a crowd or with friends.
2320 – Last movie of Frightfest Day One is Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark (read our review here).  For some reason, the books aren’t well known outside of America but I don’t think that mattered too much.  The world that is created is fantastic viewing, definitely bringing a Stranger Things/It vibe and the young cast are entertaining.  But it’s all about those creatures.  The designs are awesome and with mostly practical effects work there’s lots of creepiness. It’s perhaps a tad too long but I’d happily see a sequel.  Teenagers are going to love this!
0120 – No nightmares on a quietish and dark walk back to the hostel which was easier than expected and I was in bed by 2am.  A few hours sleep before day two brings another 14 hours of scares!
Austin Zajur in SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK | Photo Courtesy of IMDB
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