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Candle House Collective’s (Crossed Wires, moonlight serenade) returns with UNDER THE BED: a festival of six stand-alone remote encounters for a solo participant. In a uniquely intimate combination of immersive theatre and alternate reality, each live, fully interactive encounter can be experienced anywhere in the USA via your mobile phone.

UNDER THE BED runs November 1 – December 7, 2019. Dates vary for specific encounters. Additionally, if interested parties would like to-the-minute updates concerning ticket availability, definitely follow Candle House Collective on Instagram here.

The selection of encounters is as follows:

BLACK BOX ($25, 40-50mins)
“This is your captain speaking…”
A cockpit recording of New Horizon Airlines flight 1114, with nonstop service from Los Angeles to Dubai and back again.

GHOST LIGHT ($25, 50mins)
“‘I simply remember my favorite things…’”
Neighbors have been reporting strange sounds and smells coming from the darkened Papaki Theatre. You’ve been asked to investigate.

GOOD MORNING ($25, 40-50mins)
“It felt, in a way, like the center of the world.”
As you tune into Good Morning Jubilee – Jubilee, OH’s favorite radio program since 1994 – make sure to bundle up. It’s getting awfully cold over there.

NEXT TIME ($25, 40-45mins)
“Sorry for the inconvenience.”
A once-in-a-lifetime call from your caseworker. Please have all your numbers in order.

THE LUCKY ONES ($35, 2 part experience – limited space remaining)
“Don’t you want to be prepared?”
Blake is a telemarketer for the Kuso Healing Company. You’re next on her list.

REBOZO ($65, 2 days – only one spot remains)
“There are always two sides to a story. At least.”
They’re here to mend; you’re here to help. Thank you for volunteering to be a Connector for Rebozo Reconnections.

These remote encounters are accessible to anyone (18+) in the USA with a text-enabled phone. However, please note that some encounters contain intense/disturbing content and mature themes. Discretion is strongly advised.

We urge you to address any content inquiries or other concerns to

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