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Epic Pictures and DREAD are now offering a pre-order for the horror-thriller film ARTIK, available on Blu-ray and VOD September 10th following the September 6th release in cinemas.

A comic book obsessed serial killer teaches his son how to get away with a series of brutal murders until the boy befriends a mysterious man who threatens to expose everything.

Special Features include:

  • Director’s Commentary
  • The Characters Behind the Scenes Featurette
  • The Chair Behind the Scenes Featurette

Short Films:

  • 11 Minutes – w/commentary
  • Goldblooded – w/commentary

ARTIK is the feature debut from Tom Botchii, and stars Chase Williamson (John Dies at the End, Beyond The Gates), Lauren Ashely Carter (Jug Face, Imitation Girl), Matt Mercer (Contracted), Gavin White (“Black-ish”, 14 Cameras) and Jerry G Angelo (7 Faces of Jack the Ripper). The film is produced by Angelo, Botchii, in addition to Kodi Saint Angelo and Erik Bernard.

The film has been described by our very own Michelle Swope as “thrilling and thought-provoking”. Check out the rest of her review here.

Botchii has previously spoken about how cathartic making the film was. Earlier last month he shared that, “M]aking ARTIK, a film about a murderer, was actually, kind of healing. Truth is, the character himself is loosely based on my dad and the character of Holton was based around an ex-girlfriend.”

He went further to explain what the process was like and how it then completely grew from the bottom up:

“So from the moment that I started writing, it felt like the story was just pouring out of me and releasing a lot of pent up emotion. And that was the original goal, do something that gets this off my chest, but also works as a small, independent horror production. Then, small began to morph into real which then changed into holy crap – it’s happening! And now, it feels like it’s truly starting to take on a life of its own.”

Established in 2007, Epic Pictures Group has grown to become one of the most creative and dynamic independent studios. Focusing on filmmaker-driven projects. Epic often helps shape them from script to launch via its domestic distribution division, Epic Pictures Releasing. Epic Pictures Group seeks out relationships with exceptional producers and talent in order to secure A-level, high-quality projects. Epic Pictures Group actively develops a full range of new relationships and strategic alliances with financers, independent production companies, producers and studios both domestically and in Europe and Asia. Epic Pictures recently acquired and now features horror titles through DREAD.

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