2019 marked the fifth year of Midsummer Scream. One of the first panels to kick off the convention was a live recording of the Forever Midnight podcast. Cohosts Brian Henderson, Jef Overn, and Josh Staples came together to record their first podcast in front of a live audience. 

To kick things off, the Forever Midnight gang invited Drew Marvick, director of Pool Party Massacre, to the stage. The group chatted for a bit about how they met, even revealing Marvick used a bit of Forever Midnight merchandise in his film before they all became friends. He also gave Henderson, Overn, and Staples some insight into what upcoming projects fans can look forward to. Marvick has not one, but two shorts being included in upcoming Christmas anthologies. He also plans on making a sequel to Pool Party Massacre and proclaims the Forever Midnight gang will have roles in the film.

One of the highlights of Mavrick’s time on the Forever Midnight panel involved his time on the Syfy original series Naked Vegas. The series followed body painting companies that work in the Las Vegas area. While it was a reality show, Marvick was hired to play the manager of one of the companies in order to add some comedic relief.  He recounts a hilarious story about an awkward encounter with horror legend Danielle Harris (Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Meyers, Hatchet II) while working on the show. 

Marvick described a time in his life where he was spending a lot of money contributing to indie horror films, whether it was through crowdfunding or other means. This lead to the creation of Defend Horror, an organization where every cent earned gets put towards the making of indie horror films. He clearly has a passion for the horror genre and wants to do what he can to help other filmmakers get their projects made.

Drew Marvick

Then it was time for the next guest, the legendary Miko Hughes (Pet Sematary, Wes Craven’s New Nightmare). Much like with Marvick, the Forever Midnight podcast crew recounted how they first met Hughes. Since most people know Hughes as the creepiest undead child, Gage, from Pet Sematary, the conversation primarily surrounded that film. Hughes explained that, while Gage is arguably his most famous role, he was so young he doesn’t remember much of filming. In fact, most of his “memories” are secondhand memories from what others have told him. 

Naturally, this led to a conversation about the recent remake of Pet Sematary. Despite some goading from the Forever Midnight gang, Hughes managed to stay rather diplomatic on the subject. He admitted the film had its flaws, especially in the third act, but he still appreciated some of the changes it made. He was also quite surprised at how much the new Gage looked like him at that age. 

The Forever Midnight guys asked Hughes if he had any weird fan stories. Hughes revealed a rather disturbing and hilarious story involving a fan with a Gage tattoo in a scandalous area. It got quite a good reaction from the live audience. On top of going to conventions and having weird encounters with fans, Hughes is still involved in the entertainment industry. He continues to act in various projects, but he also has taken an interest in work behind the camera. 

You can listen to all the juicy details from this episode of Forever Midnight and more on iTunes, Stitcher, Bloody-Disgusting, and Spotify. 

Miko Hughes
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