CARNIVAL ROW, this season’s anticipated new Amazon series, had a pop-up exhibition at the Grove on August 6th and 7th.  The pop-up started with the new trailer, which just premiered, and continued with sideshow-esque boxes, each featuring a new race of characters from the new show.  The boxes all featured a button, which, if pushed, activated a small piece of the exhibit.  

For the puck, it activated a light behind the creature. For the fae, it moved her wings.  For the human, it made the caged birds sing. For the centaur, it moved his feet and hands. The whole thing ended with a very cute photo op where you could dress up with accessories from the world.

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And as a thank you for going through, they had buttons and informational cards about the characters. THE CARNIVAL ROW POP-UP moves to Chicago for its final week before the show’s premiere.  

Check out the new trailer and be sure to catch the series premiere on August 30th!

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