Recently, the female-led horror anthology SHEVENGE landed on Amazon Prime. SHEVENGE is made up of 12 different flicks ranging from subtle psychological scares to all-out gore. Sociopaths, serial killers, spirits, and avenging angels abound.

Karma is a Bitch is inspired by the notorious Michelle Carter, who was convicted in 2017 in her boyfriend’s texting-suicide murder case, but of course, there’s a twist. Gun-toting ladies demand equal pay in Glass Ceiling and they’ll get it one way or another. A murderous mom goes after the bad guys in Hooker Assassin. Other shorts include For A Good Time, Call… directed by Izzy Lee and starring Tristan Risk (American Mary), The Fetch directed by Cheryl Isaacson and starring Kathleen Wilhoite (Witchboard), and Psycho Therapy directed by Staci Layne Wilson and starring Brooke Lewis (Kinky Killers). Net profits going to the Time’s Up Legal Defense Fund.

SHEVENGE is now available on Amazon Prime (here) and can be accessed here. The anthology is broken up into four parts which include the following:


Psycho Therapy
Directed by: Staci Layne Wilson
Written by: Staci Layne Wilson
Cast: Brooke Lewis as Tonia, Ricky Dean Logan as Dr. Walsh, Emily Sansiri as Secretary Olivia
Plot: When emotionally exhausted Tonia visits her esteemed psychiatrist, Dr. Walsh, to discuss her husband’s infidelity, the therapy session takes an unexpected turn. Tonia does not respond well to her doctor’s advice and he finds himself locked in a game of psychological hide-n-seek with a painfully disturbed patient.

For a Good Time, Call…
Directed by: Izzy Lee
Written by: Christopher Hallock
Cast: Sean Carmichael as Alex, Tristan Risk as Sylvia, Diana Porter as Alice, J. Zocalo as Bathroom Man 1, Christian Masters as Bathroom Man 2, and Mike Snoonian as Bathroom Man 3
Plot: Revenge is only the beginning.

All Men Must Die
Directed by: Kate Beacom
Written by: Kate Beacom and Lacey Jeka
Cast: Lacey Jeka as Kyle, Alex Song as Prudence, Brett Davis as Man, Griffin Newman as Dan, Caitlin Cooke as Mary, Ali Kriegsman as Lydia, Jamie Casbon as Bar Patron and Emma Phipps as Bar Patron
Plot: Prudence throws her best friend a nice birthday party but it’s ruined by a dude, and Kyle learns just what Prudence meant when she said: “It’s your birthday, I’d do anything for you.”

Just a Girl
Directed by: Michelle Nessk
Written by: Michelle Nessk
Cast: Michelle Nessk, Jessica Lough, Vorel Kethend, Michelle Mina, Danika Roberts, Walter Zimmerman, Brian Lee, James Mahoney, Kim Douthit and Brittany Sterling
Plot: In this experimental art short, a girl confronts her demon.


Lady Hunters
Directed by: Angela Atwood
Written by: Angela Atwood
Cast: Angela Atwood as Hilde, Lara Buck as Eleanor and Marianne Hardart as Maya
Plot: Once upon a time, three mothers killed a wolf.

Hooker Assassin
Directed by: Misty Dawn
Written by: Misty Dawn and Hanna Campbell
Cast: Cortney Palm as Jessi and Daniel Hampel as The John
Plot: They say a mother will go to hell and back for their child, but Jessi’s already there. How much further is she willing to go, to ensure the safety of her daughter?

The Fetch
Directed by: Cheryl Isaacson
Written by: Cheryl Isaacson
Cast: Kathleen Wilhoite as Dale, Daniel Hugh Kelly as Hem, Blaine Saunders as Man, Thash Mose as Red, Danielle Wood as Fetcher, Adugna Harte as Boy, and Delbert Doty as Townsperson
Plot: In a community ruled by water scarcity, one mother enacts a dangerous plan to eliminate a sexual predator.


Glass Ceiling
Directed by: Tash Ann
Written by: Ryan Weaver
Cast: Krish Amrahs as Larry, Sal Candido as Joe, Yurie Collins as Charlie, Arjenise Ferreiras as Henchman, Ryan Harr as Moe, Joseph E. Jones-Marino as Jackson, Austin Kress as Benny, Gavin McClellan as Masked Man, Thomas J. Nyman as Manager, and Brooke Walter as Jess
Plot: Two contract killers seek revenge when they discover that they’ve been underpaid because they’re both women.

Doll Parts
Directed by: Karen Lam
Written by: Karen Lam
Cast: David Lewis as Edward, Sarah Lind as Evangeline, Jennifer Kosovic as Female Hitchhiker and Paul Tryl as Male Hitchhiker
Plot: A serial killer’s bad day is made worse when he picks up the wrong girl.

Karma Is A Bitch
Directed by: Staci Layne Wilson
Written by: Staci Layne Wilson
Cast: Anastasia Elfman as Jane and Danielle Inks as Charlotte
Plot: Loosely based on the Michelle Carter murder case, this story follows the reluctant suicide of Jane.


Recipe #42
Directed by: Keely Martin
Written by: Staci Layne Wilson
Cast: Elizabeth Izzo as Samantha and Jennimay Walker as Lisa
Plot: Baskin Robbins has 31 flavors. Heinz Ketchup’s got 57 ingredients. McDonald’s has served over 99 billion. Lisa, a creative chef, has come up with 41 mouth-watering recipes for her cookbook – and she needs just one more to complete the compendium. When she invites her new neighbor Samantha over for dinner, things take a sickly turn – but don’t worry: there’s always room for dessert.

Directed by: Elaine Xia
Written by: Feiyang Sun, Elaine Xia
Cast: Monica Cho as Albert Chan, Cici Lau as May Wong, Jiin Jang as Phoebe Choi and Wilky Lau as Wing Chan
Plot: A woman in 1990s Hong Kong accidentally kills her alcoholic husband in self-defense, and finds a unique way to dispose of the evidence.


The Leftovers
Directed by: Staci Layne Wilson
Written by: Staci Layne Wilson and Vanessa M. Gome
Cast: Vanessa M. Gomez as Hostess
Plot: Hostess Vanessa does not tolerate lateness in her party guests.

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