Under dark storming skies in the middle of the Atlantic, five sailors are thrown overboard in a battle for their lives. A capsized yacht, named Trashman, leaves the survivors clawing at freezing cold waters and gasping for air under the moonlight. One badly injured crewmember leaves a trail of blood with every kick she makes to stay afloat. It won’t take long for this stranded crew to draw unwanted attention in these shark-infested waters. 

CAPSIZED: BLOOD IN THE WATER, based on a true story, is the newest film showcased on the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week. Nightmarish Conjurings was invited to the set of Discovery’s SHARK AFTER DARK LIVE to dive into the release of their new movie and discuss all things shark. The final episode of the season had guests Josh Duhamel, and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, along with host Rob Riggle to debrief after the new film and provide a little shark knowledge with the help of Selachimorpha experts Luke Tipple and Mark Rober. 

The film itself is a suspenseful drama with cliff hangers leaving you on the edge of your seat before every commercial break. Based on a true story, the real horror of this film lies in the empathy of the viewer imagining the possibility of this experience happening to them. Although there is limited character development and set up in the narrative, viewers are able to create a connection with the sailors and their plight creating suspense when they are threatened by bloodthirsty sharks. Although at times the acting can feel overly performed, the actors are able to convey the intensity of the situation. Josh Close’s character, Mark Adams, in particular, heightens the intensity of the film by evoking a sense of anger and contempt in viewers with his bizarre and unethical behavior. In terms of special effects, although limited, the realistic shark design stands out as a contributing factor that adds to the credibility of the threat. Overall, even though this film is by no means a box-office hit, it tells a compelling enough story that would keep viewers from flipping channels.

SHARK AFTER DARK LIVE served as a welcomed change of pace from the intensity of CAPTIVATED: BLOOD IN THE WATER. This silly and lighthearted aftershow is chock full of jokes, puns, and scientific facts. The on-set experience is full of energy from both the audience and guests alike. A baby-shark dance-off, off-the-wall questions from host Rob Riggle, frequent gags from a man in a shark-suit, and a friendly game of truth or dare guarantee you will smile at least once before the episode is through. In addition, guest Steve Austin gave shocking and hilarious responses to Rob Riggle’s questions which elevated the show to an adult late-night variety. Shark experts Luke Tipple and Mark Rober debunked myths about sharks’ attraction to human blood which was highly interesting but also invalidated the film’s premise. Additionally, star of the film, Josh Duhamel, provided insights into the making of the movie and portrayed a more relaxed and candid version of himself which differed greatly from the seriousness of his character John Lippoth.


Overall the experience of being onset and viewing SHARK AFTER DARK LIVE was an entertaining, fun, and educational experience. You can enjoy this experience in the comfort of your home by streaming CAPTIVATED: BLOOD IN THE WATER and SHARK AFTER DARK LIVE through the Discovery Go app.

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