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Since venturing back up to their home in the Angeles National Forest in 2017, the members of the spiritual group known as The Society have existed in entirely self-sufficient monastic seclusion. They’ve spent their time meditating, cultivating their gardens, communing with nature and each other, and enacting powerful rituals. However, they and The Founder recently heard the call to share their spirit-world-view with the wider public once again, and have spent the last several weeks travelling down the Arroyo Seco toward the Devil’s Gate Reservoir, where they will receive Seekers. They arrive with a fresh name and perspective and will now forever be known as: The Society Now.

To encourage deeper understanding of the healing powers of their practices, The Society Now will be performing public rituals through individual guided meditations at the powerful site of the Devil’s Gate Reservoir in Pasadena, California. Recognized as a site of spiritual significance by inhabitants of the area from the indigenous Tongva peoples all the way to participants in the modern Occult, it is an ideal location for spiritual purification and guided exploration of the self. 

The Society Now members celebrate the joyful pleasures of indulgence and sensation experienced within and without the human body. They partake in rituals based in Thelemic occult practices that encourage deeper examination of desire and sexuality, and the magic and power that can come with embracing these facets of the self both alone and in community. 

This is a unique and limited opportunity for Seekers to experience real connection to self and Nature through one-on-one ritual and guided meditation with The Society Now members. We extend this invitation to The Society Now: Babalon to all. Please join us to engage in real introspection about our relationship to the body, the spirit, sexuality and pleasure, all on the picturesque backdrop of the historic Arroyo. 

Public viewings will take place every Saturday and Sunday between 8 and 11am and 6 and 9 pm from August 3rd through September 15th at the Upper Arroyo Park in Pasadena. Individual appointments may be booked for $45 at


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