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Have you ever gone to a bar and thought to yourself, “gee, the ambience here would be so much better with a splash of blood”? 

If you have, you need to check out entertainment company Sinister Pointe’s newest pop-up bar, Spirit Lounge. Located in a downtown promenade in Brea, California, Spirit Lounge fulfills all your desires for a horror-themed bar. Everything, from the decor to the lighting to the drinks, is pure spooky perfection. 

There are two bars in the lounge—one indoors and one outside on the patio—each offering different speciality cocktails. Inside, you can choose from a bright red “Chainsaw Massacre,” served by a chainsaw-wielding bartender and garnished with a severed finger. Or, you can order a “Holy Water” (served with a cross-shaped ice cube) and be surprise-spritzed with—you can probably guess. The other bar offers a sweet, nuclear green drink dubbed “Ectoplasm” and “Killer Klowns”, topped with a cloud of cotton candy. 

But Spirit Lounge goes way beyond novelty cocktails (although, I must say, each drink was pretty killer). The whole space is designed with horror-enthusiasts in mind. There were mannequin versions of iconic horror characters, like Regan from The Exorcist, scenes from classic films projected on the ceiling, and even costumed actors strolling the floor. If you were creeped out by The Ring, you’ll particularly enjoy the unsettling sight of Samara silently skulking around. 

Spirit Lounge is a pop-up bar, and therefore, will only be around for a limited time. But it begs the question: why shouldn’t horror-themed bars operate year-round? There are some lounges that cater to fans, but it seems like you have to do some serious hunting to find them. When I went to the Spirit Lounge, I was struck by how permanent places like this could be. It was more than just a cool space to snap pics for the ‘gram; it was a space for those who love horror and want to meet other fans. It was, to me, a booze-infused physical representation of the horror scene as I know it: a warm and welcoming community of creators and fans dedicated to a genre that is often misunderstood. 

If sports bars can exist all the time, why not horror bars?

To go to the Spirit Lounge, you’ll need to make a reservation in advance—you can’t just show up at the door and hope for the best. Make sure you claim your spot soon by visiting

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