There’s something very magical about a camp experience. It’s a place where Legends and Ghost stories have a vibrant life. You connect instantly with strangers and you make the very best memories.

I’ve been lucky enough to work in the Camp world as a Camp Director for many many years, and I will tell you Camp Fangoria was a treat for all us Camp Kids who happen to also love horror.

What a kick-ass night, presented by the Arena Cinelounge and Fangoria. We all had the pleasure of being guided through our evening by our hosts from Shockwaves Podcast; Rebekah McKendry, Rob Galluzzo, & Elric Kane. They were our Camp Directors for the evening. One of my favorite parts of the evening was Rebekah’s trivia section which used limericks to describe horror movies. I need to head to one of their trivia nights.

The Montalban Theatre was our site for Camp Fangoria. We started by walking up approximately 900 stairs, which was great and on theme, because, by the time you got to the top, you were too tired to run from a killer. Hanging arms and limbs swung in the breeze and patted your head as you walked into the main viewing area. Horror fans of all ages, shapes and backgrounds wandered about. Some dressed as camp counselors others supporting their favorite horror movies with pins and shirts.

It’s an amazing sight. It’s one of my favorite things about any Horror event. The people are the best and the more events you go to, you start to form these Horror movie Family bonds and every time you see each other it’s like a family reunion.

A photo op area set to the left of the rooftop had yummy heads rotating on a spit, a bloody tent and a couple of comfy camping chairs. Mick Garris smiles at the severed heads and there’s nothing but a sea smiles in any direction you look

Lin Shaye walks in, and she is a goddamn national treasure, we don’t deserve her and I secretly just want to go and garden with her at her house and listen to any story she’s willing to tell me. Say something about Lin Shaye and there is going to be some serious furniture moving. She gives me a hug, asks how I am and says what a blessing it is to just be able to do what we love. She also says, “Let me put my drink down, my mother always said a lady never takes a picture with a drink in her hand.”  If I can be even an ounce of how cool and humble she is, I will have lived a good life.

Mick Garris does a fun Q and A with all of us and touched briefly on his world of writing which he said doesn’t get brought up much and he’s happy to speak on it.  His book Salome, the movie Nightmare Cinema (which you can read our review here) and my favorite movie Sleepwalkers were all brought up at one point or another during his live Post Mortem taping. 

L-R: Mick Garris and Joe Russo

I stop and talk to the gentleman from Gun Media who are unveiling Friday the 13th for Nintendo Switch for the very first time anywhere. It’s such a fun game and I know there are going to be so many folks who are going to go nuts for it being on this platform.  There has been extra attention to detail to the Camp Counselors in the game and you can play as a single player which is pretty exciting.

The evening moves effortlessly from movie to movie, trivia to The Homicidal Homemaker and the amazingly funny Tiffany Shepis. The Burning, Sleepaway Camp, and Evil Dead 2 were all on the menu. It’s always fun to see people react for the first time to an open-mouthed Angela with penis out and about. It never gets old. The night trucks on with fun giveaways lots of laughs and new friends.

Like zombies, people wander out a little after 4 am, and like the very best camp experience, we are left with memories, new friends and an even deeper love for this thing called Horror.

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