I was lucky enough to be invited to the Harmony Gold Theater in Los Angeles last week to attend the red carpet premiere of the first episode of PENNYWORTH with the cast and creators. It was the perfect setting, with cocktail waitress-like cigarette girls handing out English snacks, a delightful Q&A session, and a swanky after-party.

Before we get to the meat and potatoes of this article I feel that, in the spirit of transparency, I should let you all know that I’m not really a fan of DC Comics. I’m a Marvel girl. I’m also not a Batman fan.  Sorry bout it. But what can I say, the Dark Knight has never really done it for me. I’m just not into to brooding melancholy men, I was always more drawn to Spike than Angel. 

But when I heard that Epix was making a series on the origins of Alfred Pennyworth, I’ll admit, I was intrigued. After all, any comic nerd movie lover worth a grain of batsalt has wondered about Alfred. How did he meet Thomas Wayne, why is he so loyal to the Wayne family, and how is he such a total badass butler?!? Michael Caine gave us a little inkling of his history, but just a taste. Not enough to leave us satisfied.

PENNYWORTH, on the other hand, is serving up a whole five-course meal and happily giving us a ton of juicy morsels to chew on…and I’ve only seen the first episode! 

Set in a semi-fantasy 1960’s London the show begins after Alfred (Jack Bannon) has left the military, and we get to see him trying to make a life for himself on his own. In the first episode, we meet his friends, Dave Boy (Ryan Fletcher) and Bazza (Hainsley Lloyd Bennett), his girlfriend Esme (Emma Corrin), Thomas Wayne himself (Ben Aldridge) and the psychotic Bet Sykes (Paloma Faith). 

In one episode, creator Bruno Heller and Danny Cannon managed to completely reel me in, make me care about the characters and what happens to them, and leave me wanting more! Luckily, PENNYWORTH debuted July 28th on Epix and my goal for the next few days is to binge-watch all ten episodes!

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