While attending San Diego Comic-Con 2019, one of the first activations that I did was BROOKLYN NINE-NINE, based on the NBC show, and it ended up as one of my absolute favorites of the year.

Located across the street from the Hard Rock in the Gaslight district, NBC built a miniature version of the 99s bullpen.  Almost sort of an escape room, it was all about being recruited as potential detectives and helping to solve Comic-Con related crimes committed by cosplayers. 

We started by going through an orientation that was led by a live actor and included a pre-taped bit featuring show stars Andy Samberg, Terry Crews, and Joe Lo Truglio. Our large group of about 20 were let in together only to then be split into teams to solve puzzles with clues laid around the officer’s desks, interrogating cosplayers in the holding cell, or by asking for help from other officers. The first team to solve all four clues wins. It was really cool to get to see the desks of our favorite officers up close, and every detail was perfection. The immersion level was top-notch, and easily the best that I experienced all weekend. Every person in the activation, from the cops to the detainees, went above and beyond in their roles. 

I’m already excited to see what NBC brings us next year, and while I’m sure it will be outstanding, I’m not sure it can top this experience, because this was just so cool, cool cool cool, cool cool. 

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