This year’s Super7’s, pop-up shop, in collaboration with Topps, was Revenge of the Boodega a small “monstore” specializing in a cool selection of Universal Monster merchandise, some of it mixed with Garbage Pail Kids that took place after dark during San Diego Comic-Con.

There were tons of cool vintage style t-shirts, action figures, Halloween buckets, plastic masks, candles, stickers, packs of garbage pail kids, and even a Creature from the Black Lagoon beach towel. 

We had a ton of fun, bought a whole bunch of cool stuff, and really enjoyed stepping into what reminded me of the small, family-owned, Halloween/joke shops from when I was a kid. Check out our photos below and be on the lookout for Super7 at Midsummer Scream this coming weekend (Aug. 3-4, 2019).

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