On Friday night during SDCC I had the pleasure of attending Joe Manganiello’s Death Saves Comic-Con party at Bait. For those not in the know, Joe is a total D&D nerd, and he has created a “Metal/Fantasy streetwear brand” called Death Saves. It launched last year at SDCC, and for its one year anniversary, he held an invite-only party on Friday night and had a signing on Saturday. 

I didn’t get to go to the signing, but I did get to hit up the party, and let me tell you, this collection does not disappoint! As a D&D nerd, and a child of the 80’s metal scene, these shirts are right up my alley. The new designs this year were the Demogorgon, “Sacrifice to Lolth”, two shirts featuring a Satanic Panic headline (I loved these ones), and a shirt featuring a gradient purple version of Death Saves‘ flaming skull logo. There was also a limited edition Death Saves dice set made of white cats-eye gemstones, but they only made 50 sets, so you can imagine how coveted those were. Now you might be wondering “Roxy, how many of these shirts did you go home with?” and sadly, the answer is none. As much as I loved those particular designs, I’m just not a “men’s t-shirt girl”, and though they didn’t have women’s tank tops for purchase at the store that day, rest assured, Death Saves has a few styles available for purchase on their website (here and here), and I plan on owning every single one! 

Aside from the killer merchandise, the party was a ton of fun. Live DJ, lovely people, and a really fun atmosphere. They were also serving my new favorite party beverage, Liquid Death, guaranteed to murder your thirst. Joe was an awesome host, happy to stop and talk, take photos, and even have a karate battle showdown with Shannon (the owner of this awesome website). My only regret was leaving as early as we did, but every once in a while you gotta be a responsible journalist and get ready for work the next day…sad, but true. Still, I was thrilled to get the invite, see the collection, grab a cool Death Saves 16oz reusable party cup, and meet the man himself. 

Now…who do I talk to about those girls tank tops?!?

Be sure to check out Death Saves’ website for a full look at their rockin’ streetwear and merchandise!

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