The creators of Safehouse ’77, The Sideshow, and Grunge Shop Tavern team up for a brand-new experience with COLD WAR LOUNGE: THE ASSET. For three nights only, Downtown LA’s Brack Shop Tavern will be transformed into a swinging ’60s lounge featuring custom cocktails, themed dining, and live music. As you bask in the sexy and mysterious atmosphere, be sure to keep your eyes and ear open: you may find yourself at the center of a covert operation.

Focusing on the golden age of espionage, when the Americans and the Soviets gave their secret operatives free reign to fight a high-stakes war in the shadows of society, COLD WAR LOUNGE: THE ASSET gives participants the chance to experience the thrills, risks, and human drama that defined this era. A skilled cast of immersive performers portray operative on all sides of the global conflict, while detailed decor by veteran Hollywood set designer Cam Sampson ensures that the venue itself will bring sparkling life to the proceedings.

Tickets to COLD WAR LOUNGE: THE ASSET are $55 (which can be purchased here) and include a themed cocktail, access to a VIP lounge with live musical performances, and an hour-long adventure including secret encounters with shadowy characters. However, the main bar area will also be open to the public, with themed food and drink available for purchase in a re-designed setting.

COLD WAR LOUNGE: THE ASSET is written by Nick Rheinwald-Jones and directed by Lyndsie Scoggin & Payden Ackerman, with art direction by Cam Sampson. The production is a collaboration between Spy Brunch LLC, CoAct Productions, and Sampson Creative Enterprises.

Featured Performances by: Alex Demers, Deidre Lyons-Butchko, Graydon Schlichter, Lauren Hayes, and Lyndsie Scoggin.

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