In the blood-soaked wake of the frenzy over MESSED UP PUZZLES’ trio of Grindhouse classics—CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST, PIECES, and THE BEYOND—comes a gruesome twosome from Blue Underground with a special treat from that company’s owner-cum-MANIAC director, William Lustig.

MANIAC isn’t just a much-demanded puzzle garroted from the original controversial theatrical poster…It’s also a Willy Wonka-style hunt for a one-of-a-kind collectible. Out of this limited run of 500 puzzles, William Lustig has hand-signed 1 in 25 (somewhere between the blood and the bulge), only to be revealed on the puzzle itself once assembled! Everyone else still gets a jigsaw puzzle with serious mommy issues, cut from 1000 pieces that need to be locked in the closet.

The other half of this doubleheader is Lucio Fulci’s masterpiece, ZOMBIE (or ZOMBI 2 or ZOMBIE FLESH EATERS, or whatever), a monster of a jigsaw puzzle that is going to eat you! (Or at least your sanity.) The beloved face of The Conquistador has rotted into 1000 flesh-eaten pieces for the puzzling pleasure of those up to the challenge. ZOMBIE marks Fulci’s second contribution to the Messed Up Puzzleverse, the first being THE BEYOND.

Both MANIAC and ZOMBIE are available now at Stay tuned for the announcement of new Messed Up Puzzles in time for XXXmas.

Created by horror fans and jigsaw puzzle junkies who have zero tolerance for Thomas Kinkade pukescapes, these NSFW, not-for-kiddos boxes of DIY horror art have provided an antidote to those who feel likewise. Each Messed Up Puzzle features nothing but the goods. A decorative, removable obi wraps each box, but the puzzles themselves are just eye-popping film art without titles, credits, or any other cheats; unless where noted.

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