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It’s the middle of July and the weather is starting to warm up. To some, this is the middle of summer. A time of relaxation and fun. But to others, it’s just about time to start prepping for “Haunt Season”. The term is coined by some fans and “Haunters” themselves. In the documentary EPIC HOME HAUNTS, we learn what a “Haunt” is and who some of the most prominent Los Angeles area Haunters are.

The documentary follows four Home Haunt Groups: Restless Souls Manor, Boot Hill, Beware the Dark Realm, and Rotten Apple 907. It also focuses on other prominent Haunters in the community. The groups share their history with Halloween and the passion they have for the craft of Home Haunts. From humble stories of cherished Halloween memories and what inspired them to create the displays they have now, there is no doubt that what these Haunters do is 100% out of passion. It’s a very infectious love for the craft that inspires others who do the same within their community and beyond.

We follow these Haunters and the months to years prep they do to complete these amazing undertakings. We get to see from planning to construction all the way to the perfectly placed skull five minutes before the Haunt opens to the public. Everything is meticulously thought out. Even the storage solutions need impressive planning after Halloween is over. It’s very interesting to see how these well-seasoned pros work. It’s a chaotic well-organized mess. We also get a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes action that takes place before and after a Haunt opens each night. Just because they’re basically “home displays” in front of a house, doesn’t mean they don’t take safety lightly. This really impressed this Haunt fan.

EPIC HOME HAUNTS also dove into the history of Haunts and the community it has created for these L.A. based Haunters. They have created CalHauntS, a group of Haunters who share their skills to other Haunters in prop making and other special effects to improve their craft. YouTube’s ‘Hollywood Haunters’ have expanded that reach by sharing their process online in hopes that it would help other Haunters worldwide while Midsummer Scream, a Halloween & Horror Convention, share everything and more once a year for the general public to see and experience.

If you are a fan of Halloween and mind-blowing Home Haunts, you have to check out this documentary. It left me very awestruck and made me appreciate the art and people even more than I already did. These Haunts truly are epic and I hope it inspires you to start your own.

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