[News] Philadelphia Unnamed Film Festival Announces 2019 Pre-PUFF Lineup

The Philadelphia Unnamed Film Festival (PUFF) has announced its 2019 Pre-PUFF lineup. Each year, PUFF holds a Pre-PUFF event consisting of a commemorative film screening.

“We made a promise to never host a retro screening at the Philadelphia Unnamed Film Festival, then invented Pre-PUFF to get around our own rule,” explained PUFF Director Alex Gardner. “The Pre-PUFF tradition began in 2017 with a celebration of the life of Harry Dean Stanton, and continued in 2018 with a charity screening of HAIRSPRAY to benefit the William Way LGBT Community Center in Philadelphia.”

This year, the Pre-PUFF festivities will kick off on Wednesday, Sept. 25 with a 20th-anniversary screening of THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT at 7 p.m, followed by a 10 p.m. screening of LEMORA: A CHILD’S TALE OF THE SUPERNATURAL.

THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT is the fictional 1999 documentary that helped make the found-footage subgenre a household name. The film follows three student filmmakers who hike into the Black Hills to film a documentary about a local legend. The film was a sleeper box office hit that has since spawned sequels, remakes, documentaries, books and even an upcoming video game.

PUFF has also teamed up with Exhumed Films for a one-night screening of the 1973 vampire film, LEMORA: A CHILD’S TALE OF THE SUPERNATURAL. The film will be presented on 16mm by the Exhumed team.

LEMORA stars Rainbeaux Smith in one of her first roles. The film follows 13-year-old Lila Lee, who is lured to rural Southern town by the vampire Lemora. Lila quickly finds herself in a nightmare-fueled journey as she tries to escape the strange town of Astaroth.

“We are very excited to be working with Exhumed Films,” said Gardner. “Exhumed has been delivering horror and cult repertory cinema to Philadelphia and South Jersey for over 20 years.”

PUFF will also be awarding Exhumed Films the 2019 Legacy Award for excellence in horror, cult and geek media.

“Each year we honor a group or person from the tri-state area who has advanced cult genres, such as horror, kung-fu, sci-fi and action films, or other hobbies such as video games, music, comic books and so on. We would be insane not to have recognized Exhumed Films, which has put Philadelphia on the map as a go-to destination for great horror and cult movie screenings.”

Pre-PUFF 2019 starts at 7 p.m., Wednesday, Sept. 25,  at the 2223 Theater (2223 E. Dauphin Street).

Individual tickets are now on sale for THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT and LEMORA: A CHILD’S TALE OF THE SUPERNATURAL. #PUFF4 badges are not honored at Pre-PUFF events. Purchase tickets at https://filmfreeway.com/PhiladelphiaUnnamedFilmFestival/tickets. Tickets are $10.

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