Most people think that the found footage genre is completely played out. I happen to wholeheartedly disagree. I happen to love found footage immensely. There is something about the genre. Maybe it is easier to put ourselves in the conflict of the film because of the first person point of view. Filmmakers are always looking to put a new spin on the genre. Enter the upcoming film THEY’RE INSIDE. The film has taken two genres and smooshed them together to form a mutated and massively homicidal lovechild. 

THEY’RE INSIDE was written by John-Paul Panelli and Schuyler Brumly and directed by Panelli. It stars Karli Hall as the twisty and turn-y Robyn, Amanda Kathleen Ward as the sensitive Cody, Matthew Peschio as The Man, MacLeod Andrews as the voice of The Man, Alex Rinehart as The Woman, Chelsea D. Miller as Joanna, Jake Ferree as Doug, Sascha Ghafoor as Aaron, Louie Chapman as Louie and Schuyler Brumly as Max.

Robyn, her sister Cody and a group of friends rent a cabin in the woods to make a movie that Robyn has written. It touches on the girls’ abused past at the hands of someone they trusted and strange things begin to happen. Little do they know that they are being stalked and messed with by masked sociopaths who like to make movies of their own. The girls have to deal with the invaders and their past at the same time. 

This Dread Presents film starts with a bang and slows down considerably before picking back up in the third act. It does get a little confusing at times but that very well may be intentional. You never know where you stand in this film and the ending is almost like a punch in the gut, making you wonder what you just watched. The calm and buttery voice of The Man makes it all the more unsettling as you watch events unfold for these mentally and physically abused women and the crew that are being pulled along for the ride. 

The slasher moments with the action weren’t bad but it was the quiet moments that were the most unsettling and disturbing. Those quiet moments stirred the waters and muddied the story until you didn’t know what in the world was going on or who you could trust. When are people going to learn to stay out of cabins in the woods and for good measure just avoid cabins and woods altogether? Better safe than sorry. THEY’RE INSIDE heads to VOD & Blu-ray July 16th.

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