A flash of green light sends you back in history. It’s January 10th 1928, the night of the big flood, one of the greatest disasters in circus history. You receive a note from your colleague and fellow time jumper, Dr. Olivia Xanders, who went missing along with any clues of what happened that night.  Why didn’t Dr. Xanders make it back from her time jump? How were 200 lives lost in the dead of night? What happened at the Duo Denarius Circus? You are tasked to listen to their stories and uncover the truth of what happened that rainy night at the circus.
From the creators of the Johnny Cycle and Kansas Collection, the Speakeasy Society introduces their newest immersive series, UNDER THE BIG TOP. This four-chapter immersive experience allows audience members the chance to uncover the secrets of the Duo Denarius Circus over several months through live experiences and online content. The first installment, ATLAS, is a 30-minute exploration into one woman’s account of the night of Jan 10th 1928.
Claire Chapelli as Kittie Fletcher | Photo Courtesy of Model05 Productions
Overall, ATLAS is a powerful exploration of love, loss, nostalgia, and betrayal. The exceptional performance of Dasha Kittredge stands out as the greatest strength of the piece. Her delivery of the narrative is highly evocative and compelling. Kittredge uses improv to invite audience members to actively participate as witnesses to her story. Despite being only 30 minutes long, the piece is intense and memorable. It provides a considerable amount of character development and backstory that hooks the audience in wanting to learn what happens next. “Welcome to the circus….promise me you won’t share with anyone what I told you”.
Another highlight of the experience is the online content that can be accessed between shows. ATLAS amplifies your immersion as a detective by allowing the mystery to continue beyond the in-person interaction. Audience members can get the sense that even after they are transported back to the present the story is still continuing in 1928.
The Speakeasy Society are known for their highly immersive experiences, compelling narratives, and talented performers. UNDER THE BIG TOP: ATLAS only continues to bolster their pristine reputation within the immersive community for producing high-quality experiences. Get your tickets for UNDER THE BIG TOP: ATLAS at http://speakeasysociety.com/
Claire Chapelli as Kittie Fletcher | Photo Courtesy of Model05 Productions

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