Horrible Imaginings Film Festival (HIFF) proudly announces 16 “first wave” short film selections in preparation of its 10th anniversary. With over 700 film submissions, competition for this year’s festival was extremely fierce. HIFF returns to The Frida Cinema over Labor Day weekend, August 30th – September 1st, 2019 in Santa Ana, CA.

Initial selected titles, in alphabetical order, include:

Always Listening
Director: Randy Gonzalez | USA | English
Our devices are constantly listening to us. What if something even worse could do the same?

Director: Wanjiru Njendu | USA | English
A fictionalized short film based on the true story of the terrifying daring escape of Henry “Box” Brown, who used creativity to escape from slavery in 1849 by mailing himself to freedom

Director: Faye Jackson | UK | English
A new mother is increasingly mesmerised and appalled by the strange transformations happening around her baby. She instinctively hides them, unaware that the final metamorphosis will be hers.
World Premiere

For my cat Mieze
Director: Wesley Gondim | Brazil | Portuguese
Cat-loving veterinarian Francisco finds a curious way to deal with homophobia in his town.

The Gaze
Director: Christina Raia | USA | English
An actress is repeatedly catcalled on her way home from a shoot until just the right guy comes her way
World Premiere

Director: Ricardo Yanofsky | USA | English
A grotesque film-ballet set in the ghost dimension

Director: Kendall Courtney Klein | USA | English
Set on a single night during the bloodiest days of the Civil War, Gingerbread chronicles Abraham Lincoln through the darkest night of his Presidency as he reluctantly agrees to join Mary Todd in a seance to contact their recently departed son.

Director: Maegan Houang | USA | English
A short film about overcoming the loss of a partner within the parameteres of living as a female Vietnamese immigrant. After her husband’s death, Cecile becomes an agoraphobic hoarder, paradoxically practicing what she loves – gardening – indoors without the help of direct sunlight. She orders worms to grow a rare flower. Though they help the flower grow, the development comes at a price…

Director: Jonathan Hammond | USA | English
The true(ish) story of a young boy and his mother who held afternoon exorcisms in their living room – and the new friend who is so Godly, she may as well be wicked.

Mommy’s Little Monster
Director: Patrick Green | USA | English
A battered mother and her traumatized son escape to an isolated mountain cabin where their fears catch up with them.
World Premiere

Once Bitten…
Director: Pete Tomkies | UK | English
Martha needs the toilet fixed in her hotel bathroom but there’s one problem: her plumber may be a vampire

Director: Zeshaan Younus | USA | English
A woman experiencing a strange phenomenon seeks out an esoteric support group.

Saori, Piling Up
Director: Soichi Umezawa | Japan | Japanese
Saori is a woman woven from the fabric of tenderness and married to Keisuke, a man carved from the stone of masculinity. Five years of marriage to Keisuke and his slovenly behavior has worn Saori’s patience thin. Coupled with a sudden case of tinnitus, her sweet nature takes a turn toward madness and then…violence.

Director: Nicole Goode | Czech Republic | English
Sylvie is a taxidermist content with being isolated from people in her large house in the mountains of France – her only company is her work. That is until Oz, an American hitchhiker stumbles upon her path. The two become close and Sylvie begins to question what it means to live.
Southern California Premiere

The Vicious
Directors: Ian Hock & Trevor Dillon | USA | English
Worlds collide as a family on a road trip stumbles upon a farmhouse with a peculiar set of residents

Walk in Closet
Director: Jamie Tuell | USA | English
What will a couple be willing to overlook for the right home at the right price?

HIFF will announce two more waves of selections before August 1st, 2019.

Official Selections will feature: Lauren Ashley Carter (Imitation Girl, Jugface), Carly Nykanen (Supergirl), Rick Gomez (Band of Brothers, Sin City), Amanda Plummer (Pulp Fiction), Bill Moseley (Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, The Devil’s Rejects), Brea Grant (Dexter, Heroes, Halloween 2), Jenny Pellicer (Puppet Master: The Littlest Reich), and many more talented actors.

Passes to the 2019 Horrible Imaginings Film Festival are now on sale. To purchase, or for more information on HIFF and selected films, please visit:  http://www.hifilmfest.com.

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