The award-winning Immersive Theater company, The Speakeasy Society, has teamed up with Two Bit Circus at their downtown amusement park, 634 Mateo St, Los Angeles, to present an intimate immersive theater experience.

Audiences of one or two will peek behind the curtain at Two Bit Circus and interact with 1928 circus performers tied to a disastrous event that occurred on the site of what is now Two Bit Circus!  Following a series of mysterious disappearances at the location, Envision Technologies was contracted to stabilize what appeared to be ‘time jumps’ to the circus that occupied the area nearly a century ago. But now, the lead scientist, Dr. Olivia Xanders, has gone missing and she’s left a message asking for your help!

Under the Big Top: Atlas is the first of 4 interwoven narratives with performances for audiences of one or two people at a time. Though each segment is a complete, stand-alone show, by attending all four experiences (and solving optional puzzle content online) an additional fifth piece of content will be unlocked that will conclude a larger narrative.  The performances can be viewed in any order.

Content Advisory: This production features light-to-familiar physical contact from performers and discussion of violence towards animals. This performance is wheelchair accessible, but otherwise requires walking, sitting, and standing.

Suitable for audiences 14 and up.

Tickets on sale at 10:00am on Monday, July 1st

$70 per 30 min slot (each slot can accommodate up to 2 audience members)

Tickets can be purchased at:

Run Time: Approximately 30 minutes

Featuring: Claire Chapelli and Dasha Kittredge

Original script created and produced by The Speakeasy Society.

Co-Artistic Directors: Matthew Bamberg-Johnson, Genevieve Gearhart, Julianne Just

Associate Artistic Directors: Michael Bates, Chris Porter

Producing Director: John Henningsen

Production Manager: Andrew Lia

The Speakeasy Society is an LA based immersive entertainment company creating intimate and epic experiences in unexpected places. is an LA based immersive theatre company creating intimate and epic experiences in unexpected places. We create 360-degree worlds that provide space for entertainment, discovery and escape through total engagement.

Two Bit Circus is the world’s first micro-amusement park featuring the latest in immersive entertainment. Discover multi-person virtual reality and a full carnival of food and drinks!

Under The Bigtop: Atlas begins July 7th and will run as an ongoing piece on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays.

Tickets can be purchased at:

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