It’s 1989. Andy is dead. And rock is king. You and the band just woke up from a gnarly hang-over but have a suspicion that something fishy is going on. Can you and the band work together to figure out what is going on and solve the mystery of what led to your guitarist’s untimely death?

Veterans of Fringe Festival and masterminds behind Fallen Stars and One Last Thing Before You Go add a new show to this year’s Hollywood Fringe that invites audience members to participate in an interactive immersive game. This show is truly interactive. Audience members choose a character to play and are given a unique back story with information that may help uncover the mystery. Talking to other characters gives you the opportunity to discover more information however it is not required to enjoy this experience. Audience members are free to interact with others as much or as little as they wish and can still play this game. Some lucky participants will also have the opportunity to rock out by playing a live concert via the Rock Band video game which adds a playful flair to the murder mystery. 

In addition to audience members, actors are also present during the experience and elevate the narrative. Actors Shoshanna Green and David Madwin bring life to several entertaining characters that supply the majority of comic relief in the experience. Their hyperbolic performance really creates a memorable experience for the audience and invites a light-hearted atmosphere despite the focus on solving a murder. Another highlight is the space itself. The location has a unique 70s Hollywood vibe complete with shag rug and vinyl record player. The red and blue dimmed lights and wall art set the mood for the entire experience. With the added bonus of light snacks and refreshments, the tone is set for a murder mystery. 

Overall this show is a lot of fun for fans of immersive theater and also for those who are new to the art form. There is a considerable amount of set-up at the beginning of the experience that can be comforting to those who are new to immersive. However, it may slow the momentum and excitement for others.  Additionally, due to the small space and high number of participants, there was an absence of really needing to look for clues. Rather, clues appeared to be announced or obviously placed which was less exciting. However, the focus of the piece is placed more on uncovering the story rather than solving puzzles or using intellect to crack mysteries. If you are looking for an interactive lighthearted murder mystery experience at this year’s Hollywood Fringe, purchase tickets to Rock Band Murder Mystery here


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