Andrew Jacob, a Massachusetts native, artist and longboard surfer who is the descendant of an Irish King, travels to the island where he ruled to surf the waves. In THE CREST, from Mark Covino, the director of the acclaimed documentary A Band Called Death, come together to film this journey of two Irish cousins.
Learning the history of Ireland’s Blasket Island was very interesting to watch alongside these two surfers. The king of the Blasket Island was An Rí over a hundred years ago. There’s something magical to learn about a king, you think of big castles, crowns and wealth. But this isn’t your typical king. He was the last King of the Great Blasket Island, Pádraig Peats Mhicí Ó Catháin or known as An Rí, looked over a humble island. After his passing in 1929, the island would be touched by emigration to America. By the 1940s so many had scattered that it left the people there so isolated. By then the government moved the people of the Blasket Island to the main island. There have been a lot of the stories that have faded but have not forgotten.
There haven’t been many (good) films about surfing, most iconic being The Endless Summer and Point Break, but THE CREST is more than just surfing, it’s a journey of two cousins who learn about their family history while trying to surf their ancestral island. You see their relationship grow after meeting for the first time, two longboard makers from across the country that found each other thanks to their Blasket Island ancestors.
The two cousins make it to the Blasket Island to explore, where they find the kings house and not only make a special longboard while there but also surf around the island where their family came from hundreds of years ago.
THE CREST is a tale of an amazing journey for two surfers finding where they came from as well as making their mark on the Blasket Island. It feels special to watch this personal journey of these two men.
Even though this doesn’t feel like a feature-length film, it’s still pleasant to watch even when no narrative develops. It’s just watching the journey of Andrew and DK, which is nice for the short runtime. THE CREST is currently out on DVD and On Demand.
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