For the True Crime Film Festival, THE TWIST: INCIDENT AT TREASURY GARDENS is an animated short film detailing the events that took place May 5th, 1872 in Melbourne, Australia’s Treasury Gardens.

On May the 5th 1872, two men were found in Treasury Gardens after an apparent duel went wrong. Edward Feeney and Charles Marks had been the two men, with Feeney being the sole survivor. When asked what had happened he responded, “We both came here to die.”

As simple as it all sounds – a story of two men in a duel, the police soon found out that there was more to the story than they first thought including rumors of an ill-fated love affair leading to an unusual pact. Using paper animation, THE TWIST: INCIDENT AT TREASURY GARDENS does a great job of animating the story while providing a chilling narration into what exactly might have happened that day in the park.

THE TWIST is a documentary series complied of short films that depict some of Australia’s most interesting true crime stories. I love the way that they’ve partnered animation with true crime facts and I look forward to watching more of the series.

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