At first glance, the title Z-GOAT: FIRST BLEAT led me to believe I was going to be watching something Troma-esque. The concept of zombie animals always seemed a bit goofy to me but I think it totally finds its place securely within the horror genre. My first impression of this film was that it was going to be extremely goofy and it wasn’t. Here is why.

The opening of this short sets a really serious tone. The music, the cinematography and the acting all created an ominous presence on screen. I know previously I’ve mentioned my difficulty with watching foreign films but let me tell you, that struggle was not present within me while I watched this. The primarily dark lighting and direct concern projected by the actors kept me totally tense from start to finish.

I know I say this a lot and I think I speak on behalf of a lot of horror fans out there, but I love me some heavy practical effects. For a film under 15 minutes long the effects shined through hard for the limited amount of time they were given to do so. I love seeing some unique creatures or critters in horror films and oh boy did they deliver. I don’t want to spoil too much but picture a demonic goat walking on its hind legs. This thing was like a version of the scary Easter bunny in the movie Holidays.

I’m speaking honestly when I say that I would totally watch a full-length version of this movie as I would love to see the origin of this beast. I want to see it shed more blood over the heavy and totally awesome synth track that plays out towards the closing of the film. I can assure you that checking this out won’t be a ba-a-ad time.

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