Last Thursday HBO invited us to a “Day of Pampering” and a viewing of the Season Two opening episode of BIG LITTLE LIES. The event took place on the roof of the Equinox Luxury Fitness Center in Irvine and included themed drinks, a full taco bar, a sundae bar, tarot readings, hair braiding, guided meditation, and massages. 

Talk about a relaxing screening! This is 100% the most spoiled I’ve ever felt at an event. Everyone was super welcoming and friendly. We started off with food and drinks and made some great new friends while we were eating. I liked that they didn’t have a ton of tables and chairs, because that meant sharing and I always love meeting new people. The hairdressers were amazing and so fun to hang out with, and I honestly had no idea there were so many different kinds of braids! The meditation was incredibly relaxing, and it was nice to just take 10 minutes and tune out the world. Following that was my message, and I swear she must have worked out at least 6 knots that have been giving me problems. I didn’t get my cards read, but Shannon did, and I while I don’t know what the lady told her, she was happy with it, and that’s what’s important. 

After all the festivities were done, it was time to settle down in our chairs, cuddled up in the blankets they provided, with our individual headphones so that we could watch episode one of season two. 

It picks up a few months after season one ended, with the Monterey Five living their lives the best they can after the tragic “accident” they were involved in. The first episode is out now, so I won’t go into it too much, but I will say that adding Meryl Streep to the cast is absolute perfection, and I can’t wait to see what kind of trouble she stirs up! BIG LITTLE LIES airs Sunday’s at 9pm on HBO. 

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