As someone that collects old media (including vinyl), I was totally intrigued by the title VINYL DESTINATION. Considering the play on words, I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect. Let me tell you, though, the premise created by Daniel Cummings is fun and an all-around comedic good time.

An apparent hipster and vinyl collector comes across a mysterious and unreleased Eagles record at a yard sale. The seller gives the Thad the record for free with an accompanying receipt with the word “sorry” next to the record on the list of items. Anybody with common sense would have tossed that record aside but not this dude. Realistically, any collector would probably have kept the record too. I know I would have.

After bringing the record home to show his roommate Chaz, they decide to play the record. This is when the short gets really wacky and the comedy takes over entirely. They end up playing the record backwards and are given demands that are apparently coming from Satan. Some of the list of demands includes vacuuming the living room and writing a blog post on the wage inequality between men and women in corporate America. However, of course, when Satan speaks to you through a record you know there’s going to end up being some sacrifice involved.

VINYL DESTINATION  is a funny narrative on vinyl collecting and “hipsters” that I found to not only be unique but it hit a lot of relevance for myself since I collect old media. I know I’ve purchased some pretty damaged tapes just to have the title in my collection. I found myself laughing out loud at some of this stuff and I honestly found it incredibly creative. Overall I really enjoyed this short film and would definitely recommend it to you Vinyl heads out there!

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