I’m a huge fan of indie horror films and I find that I watch a lot of short films, more so than new feature lengths. Having the opportunity to cover the Portland Horror Film Fest is an honor and a first for me.

I’m sure we’ve all seen a plethora of movies, shows and stories about Witches and Covens. With the Netflix series The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, we’re introduced to an (inaccurate in my opinion) more satanic element of witchcraft. WITCHES GET STITCHES takes that element and works it out with its own levels of comedic charm. This also seems to come from a more media and history influenced stance. By this, I mean the imagery of witches around a cauldron sacrificing their blood to summon a demon while citing spells.

WITCHES GET STITCHES is a fun effort in one part occult comedy and another part women empowerment by director and writer Matthew K. Robinson. I think we’ve covered the essence of the occult factor but the comedy is where this piece truly shines through. We know that a blood sacrifice is necessary to invoke a demon from hell, but what if we think about how slicing our hands with a crooked dagger might actually hurt? Yeah, it does and these witches don’t hesitate to create that personality and humanity into this situation.   Everything is all good until you feel that sharp pain and the blood flowing out of your own flesh. Doesn’t sound like something you’d fancy? Me either.

When two of the witches cut their hand, one begins to whimper while the second quickly and rightfully decides to “nope” her way out of the situation. The third witch makes a very solid effort to convince witch number two to go through with the sacrifice by empowering the two of them with all of the great things they’ve accomplished together as strong witches. This also speaks into the self-empowerment of women, stating that you have to spill a bit of blood and endure pain to achieve your desires and stand strong. However, witch number three quickly changes her mind on this after seeing the other two slice their hands open with a knife that I can only describe as something a cartoon villain would use.

The end of this short contributes very literally to the title so I’ll leave that up to you to discover. This is a really fun and humanistic look at something we’ve seen over and over again on multiple entertainment formats. Matthew K. Robinson’s WITCHES GET STITCHES is bloody, funny and overall enjoyable.

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