Ever want to wear the glasses and don the famed suits of the agents of the Men In Black? Sony Pictures Virtual Reality (SPVR) will give moviegoers that chance as it launches a sweeping campaign in support of Men In Black: International, the latest installment of the iconic franchise, in theaters nationwide June 14.  Teaming up with leading immersive entertainment company Dreamscape and national restaurant/entertainment complex Dave & Buster’s, SPVR is enabling fans to enter a completely immersive virtual universe.

“The iconic MIB brand is big enough for multiple immersive experiences to live within its universe.  From Dreamscape’s narrative-driven, highly social take to the family-friendly, gamified play at Dave & Buster’s, SPVR has devised a multi-pronged campaign for Men In Black: International with the right strategic relationships to make the MIB universe accessible to everyone,” said Jake Zim, Senior Vice President, Virtual Reality, Sony Pictures Entertainment.  “Now anyone can be an agent. We’re excited to build on our efforts to bring more immersive entertainment experiences to more people on a bigger scale than ever before.”

In MIB: First Assignment, Dreamscape, in collaboration with SPVR, has created the ultimate in wish fulfilment – enabling audiences to enter into MIB headquarters, become MIB agents and save the universe.  As participants leave their identities behind and rise above the system, they are charged with taking on their first heart -pounding MIB mission: escorting the royal family of Zarthania safely back to the edge of the galaxy.  Traveling aboard intergalactic hoverbikes, guests and their team of agents will work together to evade the alien Octopoid invaders and hopefully make their way safely back to MIB headquarters.  The shared VR experience debuts at Dreamscape’s flagship location in the Westfield Century City mall this Summer.

“There’s always been something aspirational about MIB — and now we can invite our audience to enter the MIB universe and become the iconic agents in ways that are possible only through the magic of VR,” said Walter Parkes, Co-Chairman of Dreamscape Immersive and a producer of the MIB film franchise. “Our goal at Dreamscape is to combine the emotional power of cinematic storytelling with the epic thrill of amusement park rides — and with MIB: First Assignment, you will truly be the hero of the adventure.”

Moviegoers, game lovers and MIB fans can also unite at video arcades at Dave & Buster’s locations nationwide.  There, players can become honorary MIB agents as they get in the back of a hyper-cab for a frenetic chase through London streets, blasting as many aliens as they can in an exhilarating, four-minute, motion simulator VR attraction.

“We are extremely excited to bring this new Men In Black game to our millions of guests across North America,” said Kevin Bachus, Senior Vice President of Entertainment & Games Strategy at Dave & Buster’s.  “The opportunity to work with such a rich and iconic property, with the full support of the amazing team at Sony Pictures Virtual Reality, has culminated in a truly memorable entertainment experience.”

SPVR has released several popular VR experiences including Ghostbusters: DimensionCan You Walk The Walk and Spider-Man: Homecoming VR.  Earlier this week, it announced the upcoming launch of The Angry Birds Movie 2 VR: Under Pressure game, and, in February, it announced Groundhog Day: Like Father Like Son, a VR game inspired by the classic 1993 film which is due out later this year.


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